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Have more questions about communicating with your spirit guides? Laurin would love to discuss them with you!

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Concert Crowd

Would you like to rid yourself of pain? 

Energy healing can create amazing shifts in your mind/body/spirit that release the emotional energy that underlies pain.

Common questions are:

  • What is energy healing?

  • How does energy healing work?  

  • How it can it help me get to the root cause of mind, body, and/or spirit pain? 

  • How can energy healing work at a distance?

  • Can I have energy healing work and still work with my doctors?

Have these & other questions?


Book a FREE discovery call with Laurin!


Pamela Palmer 
NYT Best-selling Author

The work we've done in the Reveal, Release, Transform sessions has been interwoven with the lessons, messages, and  epiphanies coming from Spirit, creating a lovely tapestry and a powerful movement forward.


Mark H.

I value greatly my many sessions with Laurin Wittig of Heart light Wellness!  Her personal and professional approach to mind-body-spiritual wellness is both comforting and healing.  She continuously studies and applies new modalities and techniques to compliment her reservoir of skills and abilities.  I always leave better than I arrived!


Caryn Block

If you're ready for change, this is the program for you. Between the healing sessions to release blockages and the mentoring sessions that give you next steps, this program will launch you into the transformation your soul is looking for. I can't thank Laurin enough for everything she does. I recommend this program.

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