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Reveal, Release, Transform!

an eight session one-on-one journey to transformation with Laurin Wittig

What would change in your life ... if you felt healthier, more energized, clearer about who you are deep down, and more filled with joy?


How powerful would you feel ... to have tools to draw on to support that joy as you move forward in your life, relationships, or work?  


What would you do next ... if you held a deep understanding of your body, your story, and your journey?


What would it be like ... to feel safe in your own skin, to understand the things that are holding you in place, keeping you from the joy and purpose that is yours for the claiming?


What if you could reveal the hidden stories within you,

release the pain carried in those stories

(while keeping the wisdom you earned!),

and transform your life
by creating a new story filled with purpose, passion, and joy?


In this era of seismic shifts in our world, our cultures, our societies, and in our individual lives, time slips by faster and faster, and change comes at us more and more rapidly.


The Reveal, Release, Transform! program leverages that pace of change by condensing what might be a year's worth of healing and mentoring sessions into eight weeks!

Let me show you what that would look like!

Reveal, Release, Transform!

an eight session healing journey with Laurin Wittig

What you will experience...

The calm and peace that comes from deep healing.

The clarity that comes with releasing traumas, beliefs, stuck emotions,

or past life and ancestral experiences, that no longer serve you,

The insight brought by changing your perspective about yourself,

your story, and your place in the world. 

The new stories and intentions that transform your story of pain and confusion,

into one filled with purpose, health, and joy!

What you will receive...

Healing Sessions

Four 75 minute healing sessions,
in person or by phone,

two weeks apart

Mentoring Sessions

Four 60 minute mentoring sessions

between healing sessions


Recordings of all sessions available to you within 24 hours of your sessions


Unlimited voice and text messaging for the duration of your program

via Voxer, a free app

Are you ready to

Reveal, Release & Transform?.

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