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Interview Episode with Kimberly Spencer

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Laurin: [00:00:00] Welcome to the Curiously Wise podcast. I'm your host Laurin Wittig. This podcast is all about women supporting women, mind, body, and spirit. It's a place where we will honor celebrate and share women's natural and experiential wisdom through curiosity provoking conversations, shared stories and tips we've all gathered along this journey. I invite you to join in the fun as we uncover the unique wisdom. We each carry within us. Ready? Let's get curious!

[00:00:44] Hi, and welcome to Curiously Wise. We're here for another great conversation and today I have the awesome Kimberly Spencer. She is all kinds of wonderful things. For me she's been a business coach in the most wonderful way. I would not be doing these podcasts if it weren't for her. So I'm really, really excited to have her here with us today.

[00:01:06] Kim, would you just give us a little introduction to yourself?

Listen to the Full Episode Here

[00:01:09] Kimberly: Yeah, So I'm a high-performance coach specifically for business women and founders. I typically work with women in the formative stages of their business doing anywhere between zero and 4 million. And so that is, that is my sweet spot range of really working with women in those stages, because I know what it's like in those stages.

[00:01:30] I've built three businesses, Crown Yourself is my third. I had a brick and mortar Pilates studio for about 10 years, and then I had an e-commerce store for two years and a startup , that was a startup that we took to. I got to pitch it to the first round of Shark Tank auditions. And I got to see our product featured in Times Square.

[00:01:48]And I also learned a very valuable lesson in business about building business based on mutually agreed upon values with you and your partner. And that one, once I was bought out of that company in 2014, that one was really the catalyst for me thinking, what am I going to do? Because I was bought out of that company three weeks before I got married and we signed the buyout agreement and I hopped on a plane to my honeymoon, six weeks in Italy.

[00:02:13] And I was like, I don't know what I'm doing when get back. And my husband and I were brainstorming as you do appropriately on your honeymoon. And we were having way too many espressos. And I was thinking of all these passions, cause I'd had varied careers. Like I'd been a Pilates instructor. I'd also been a screenwriter.

[00:02:32] I'd had an e-commerce startup, like I loved business. I loved the body. I'd healed myself from a ten year eating disorder. I'd found the love of my life after much trial and error. And I saw business as something that was holistic. That was holistic success. Cause that was the one thing that I didn't have with my e-commerce startup was holistic success.

[00:02:54] I played into very much the stressed out, crazed answering emails at 3:00 AM in a panic attack. My hair was falling out. I gained weight and I didn't really fully love myself through the process of building that business. And I said, you know, I want to create something that is holistic, that embodies the body, the relationships, the business, because we are not these compartmentalized beings. We, even though many of us would like to think that, oh, here's our business over here in this like, lovely little business box. And then our families right over here. And that's not the case. We are holistic our energy travels from our business into our relationships and vice versa.

[00:03:36] And I've seen it consistently over the past five years, coaching high achieving women and a few men. And just being able to, to see that. And I had way too many espressos back in Italy in 2014. And I leaped off the couch and I said, Crown Yourself. And my husband says, what's that? And I said, that's the name of my company?

[00:03:55] And he said, great. And I said, awesome. Okay, now I know what I'm going to do, but I didn't really know what I was going to do because I didn't have a coach. It didn't have a system. I just kind of like had built a business by basically winging it and throwing spaghetti at a wall in the past and like trying new things.

[00:04:09] And I never really had like my full heart soul and passion into either my startup or, my Pilates. Cause they were both meant to be a means to an end, versus this felt very purposeful, very intentional, very like soul based. And it scared the crap out of me. And I had about a year and a half where I made no money in my business.

[00:04:26] Dabbling in what I call productive procrastination, which is a term Laurin knows very well where you're doing all the things, except for the one thing that actually moves the needle of your business, which typically is the thing that scares you. And it's typically pretty simple. And it's, normally what I've found is it's a fear of rejection. And in some way or shape or form rejection, because your prices are too high, rejection because of who you are as a business owner, rejection for being too feminine, too sparkly, too girly, too, whatever, too old, too young, it's that fear. And I had that fear deeply with sales.

[00:04:57] And then I found out that I was pregnant in 2016 and the version of me, who I had become by the habit of, productive procrastination was someone who was very negative. Who complaining constantly and who was blaming? I still blamed my former business partner for where I was financially. I knew it was a mindset piece. I knew that it was very similar. It was just a gut intuitive instinct that I knew that what I was struggling with was basically what I call financial bulimia or business bulimia, where I was consuming a lot of information, but just like puking it up and not actually doing anything with it.

[00:05:31] I wasn't letting that information or the money nourish my business, sustain it, fulfill it, grow it. And because I'd overcome a ten-year battle with bulimia, I knew that I could do the same with business and with my finances, I just didn't know that I didn't have 10 years to figure it out, or even two years. I had nine months.

[00:05:49] And so I immediately hired a coach and I got certified in a process. I got certified in NLP, timeline therapy, and hypnosis, and that was the catalyst to me actually feeling comfortable with a process that I could sell. So, I started out doing mindset coaching for business owners, specifically only focusing on the subconscious mind.

[00:06:07] And now I call myself a high-performance coach and subconscious success strategist because the subconscious mind of the business owner plays into the mind of the business of what you're creating. And so, five years later, I got to live in Australia, live my dream with my family and support them, love them so much.