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Transcript Interview Episode with Carolyn Coleridge

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Carolyn: [00:00:00] So I, I is intuition and when people are very spiritual, the intuition is the language of your spirit. What language does Carolyn speak? English. What language does my spirit speak? Intuition as your language and other people. And intuition is can be physical. You can get the chills on your arms. You can get the hair in the back of your neck stands up. You can get goosebumps or I call 'em God bumps. They're like, oh my God, why is that?

Laurin: Hello friends, and welcome to Curiously Wise. I'm Laurin Wittig, your host today, and I have Carolyn Coleridge here with me today. Who is so much fun. And I can say that for sure because we actually had a conversation not too long ago and I forgot to record it. So, thank you Carolyn for coming back today. Carolyn is a psychotherapist, intuitive and healer for the last 25 years.

She has a master's in clinical social work from Columbia. [00:01:00] She works as a psychotherapist in a lot of different settings and has been trained in a lot of different wonderful places. I'm not gonna go through the whole detail. We'll have it in the show notes. Her spiritual background includes training at the Edgar Casey Institute in New York and a spiritualist church.

We have an Edgar Casey place down in Virginia Beach, not far from where I live. I've never been there yet though, so I'm intrigued by that. She's also a reiki master and an integrated energy therapist, master instructor, a chronic healer. Prana, of course, is the breath and a theta healing practitioner.

So, you got lots of modalities here with Carolyn. And one of the more interesting, one of the most interesting things I found on her website is a video of her working with kids at UCLA in their pediatric pain program. For six years she was there. She came in and did reiki and did and, you know, brought the woo.

It was awesome. So, we'll give you the contact information for her website and stuff at the end and also in those show notes. But. I suggest you go listen or watch that cuz it's really [00:02:00] fascinating and exciting to know that that kind of work is being brought in to a Western medical system.

Carolyn says she works well with empaths, light workers, sensitive souls, and those who are open to working with their intuition. Her gift seems to be clear information from spirit and methods to help people define their purpose and passion. So welcome back Carolyn.

Listen to full episode here

Carolyn: Thank you for having me back. This is wonderful

Laurin: Well, we had a great time last time, so we're gonna let it roll this time and I'm sure we'll have equally as great a conversation. So, or better. Yeah, we're better. So, let's just dive in to you do a lot of work with the universe. You are an intuitive and spirit, but you're also counseling.

And I'm sure those come into your sort of more clinical psychotherapy kind of work. As an intuitive I know it infuses everything I do. So, for someone who maybe isn't connected to that idea of the universe or working with the universe, tell us a little bit about that.

Carolyn: Oh, okay. So, I feel the universe is the divine or the creator [00:03:00] on the planet, and I use the word universe because so many of the clients I worked with had issues with God, the word God, and church and Catholicism or Judaism or all the different religions that seem to have these stories coming out now that are very distressing and uncomfortable.

So that was one level, and then I worked in mental health and you can't say, you know, hey, I'm Episcopalian this is what Christian Jesus does. It's not gonna work. So, I just felt like working with a universe was a more global way, clean. The plants, the animals, the crystals, the community and people seem to open up to that.

Cuz I feel when people have a mental health breakdown working in mental health, a lot of times our depression or anxiety, it's the universe calling to them. It's like, what is your purpose? What's your higher calling? And I've practiced this idea in many different settings. Inpatient, outpatient, partial programs, and people just gravitated towards this information cuz I look at patients as souls.

You know, when I [00:04:00] started this work years ago I started to see lights and colors around people before when I, I'd say ghosts around. And I just start saying, why is this happening? You know, and, and when I saw colors and I looked them up, I was like, wow, purple. They're a very old soul or yellow.

They're having issues with their power centers. And I realized I was reading their chakras or their energy and I also do research and I realized I must have been doing this before. Cuz the minute I sat down with a, a person, a patient, a soul, sometimes their information just showed me. And, the universe or God showed me this is what you're supposed to do.

And so, I said, well, I somehow, I have to incorporate this in mental health, but, you can't be biased. Religion or politics you're supposed to stay away from. So how did I do it? So, when I was working at one of my first jobs outta Columbia, was working on Wall Street at an employee assistance program.

Laurin: That's a leap.

Carolyn: I know. Yeah. But it was an employee assistance [00:05:00] program and I feel like the, the reason the managing partner hired me was because I had worked on the hill for a year under Governor Wilder. So I had a corporate background and I actually really wanna work in the Bronx in a psych facility. But they offered me a job.

And it was interesting cuz the managing partner was actually very intuitive herself. My supervisor was into astrology. Like all of us were working this corporate job. I had an office facing the Hudson River and corner office. I was 30, you know, and I know I was, it was really nice.

Laurin: Yeah.

Carolyn: And, and, and then we started using like spiritual principles. She said, you know, I like the way you change the energy in the room. And I was like, what's energy? And I went to reiki and then again, I'd see ghosts and stuff a couple years earlier. I don't know if I explained that, but when I was studying at Columbia at 28, which is beginning of your Saturn return, which is a, a spiritual cycle, ghost just showed up and I would just wake up in the middle of the night and they'd be looking at me or they'd be [00:06:00] pushing my bed.

They were friendly ghosts. It wasn't exactly Casper, but they weren't scary ghosts. They were just lost souls. They must have been at some portal at Columbia at the, the dorm. It was just some portal and then, it was also open, so that's when I sought out the Institute and other things like how do I close this portal down?

And I was taught from some by the wonderful teachers. So, going back to when I was at Wall Street it was very corporate, but then having the energy of spirit, like I had one guy come to me and say, I'm making millions and millions of dollars, but I really wanna be a monk.

And I'm like, that's interesting. Why would he say that to me? He goes, I just wanna meditate. I wanna go into the heart of the soul. So, it was a good balance cuz when people are stressed, they need people that were spiritually open. So, they gave me the privilege of starting my practice there. Cause I was licensed in New York.

So one time I saw this patient at night in my office and she was very, very depressed and she had a lot of in the material world [00:07:00] things against her. She was a gay black woman, alcoholic, a survivor of abuse, incarcerated. Oh my God, what a wonderful soul. Yeah. But she had all this light around her because a lot of times people may judge people who have all these things against them, but older souls would pick harder lifetimes to live through because God or the universe knew that they could struggle and that they could, they would always go back to the light, always go back to the light.

So, she was very depressed and suicidal. And I, it was like in August around this time. And in New York City, everyone goes to the Hamptons or wherever, different places. There's no psychiatrist. And she said, you know, this is my plan to kill myself. And I was a young therapist. I was like, oh no. And she's just gave me this whole elaborate plan.

And I think I was the last one in the office. I didn't know who to call. This is my private practice. They let us see patients, so I just took a breath, which always opens you up to spirit. So, what [00:08:00] should I do? And I heard send her a reiki symbol. So, I send her the choke ray. I sent her the symbol, not waving my hands or anything, just kind of telepathically sending it to her.

And she was like, whoa, what, what did you? She goes, I felt this wave of peace come over me.

Laurin: Mm.

Carolyn: I feel so calm, I feel so centered. I, I can't kill myself. I have a partner, I have this, I have a lot to live for. I, and she just changed her dialogue and I'm like, thank you, God. So, then we cont, we contracted her you know, and again, there's an old soul.