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Transcript Interview Episode with Jackie Cote

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

[00:00:00] Jackie: And here's something that came up for me when you were talking about that. It's the easy part. We like, we tend to wanna like resist the easy. So, when something gets too easy, it must be wrong cuz it's not a struggle. It's not hard, it's not like, and and we were tell like, it's gotta be hard to do stuff. When things fall into place, like let it, like let yourself receive the easy and that was hard for me. But let the easy be easy.

[00:00:33] laurin: Hello friends, and welcome to Curiously Wise. I'm Laurin Wittig, your host, and today I have Jackie Cote with me and we're gonna talk about freedom and a whole bunch of other things. She's a great coach and I'm looking forward to having this conversation with her. I think I say that every time I bring on a new guest.

I'm looking forward to this conversation just cuz I love a good, deep, juicy conversation. And I know we're gonna have one of those, but let me just read you her bio first. Jackie Cote is a freedom mentor, a speaker, an RV Adventurist who helps hyper driven successful people who already have money and success but don't have a life they love. After working with Jackie, they learn how to awaken, empower, and own the powerful leader within so they can create the life they truly desire of freedom, adventure, and love, and fit the money and success into that life.

I love that. Jackie is a Jersey girl at heart and comes with 30 years of leadership management experience in the restaurant industry and has helped over 300 people move to higher levels in their career and life. Jackie took the leap into entrepreneurship by creating a fully virtual coaching business and is now living out her dream of freedom and adventure by traveling the country in an RV with her man and two pups, meeting virtual friends, and changing lives on her terms. That sounds like a fabulous life.

[00:01:58] Jackie: It really, really is.

[00:01:59] laurin: Welcome, welcome, welcome.

[00:02:01] Jackie: Thank you. Thank you so much for having me, Laurin, and thank you to your audience for paying attention to this time that they're spending with you and your podcast. It means the world to us.

[00:02:09] laurin: Yes, it does. It does indeed. All right, so let's start with where you started. You and I kind of bonded when we first talked because we both loved the restaurant business. You were in it far longer than I was, but it was really my first career as you know, if you can call it a career when you're a cocktail waitress in New Orleans.

[00:02:29] Jackie: Now that's career. Everything's compressed timeframes in New Orleans.

[00:02:34] laurin: Yes, that's true.

[00:02:35] Jackie: You get a lot real quickly in New Orleans.

[00:02:37] laurin: Yeah. So, tell us about, what part of that work in the restaurant business you have brought forward into this the rest of your life.

[00:02:44] Jackie: Yeah. You're right. I loved it. And when it comes to how I got into the restaurant business, it all started like early on when I was like 15 and I started getting my first real job. Cause I think we all made money early on doing random stuff, selling flowers from the neighbor's yard to the next person, which I don't tell, never told anybody about that.

But I, I, I went, walked into this bakery and within like a month they were like, all right, here's the keys. You're gonna run the joint. And so, from that point on, like I realized that one of my gifts was leadership, was leading others, getting camaraderie, getting people to like, you know, go together and on a mission.

And, but I didn't know that at 15, and it was illegal at 15 to give me the keys, but it was a whole lot of fun. I look back and now I'm like, wow. $3 under the table, 15. Hmm. But it was a mom and pop, you know,

[00:03:31] laurin: Yep.

[00:03:32] Jackie: That kind of got in my blood and I, but I went to college, did the thing you're supposed to do and got a real job.

God teaching was in a year of teaching. God bless the teachers, but it wasn't for me like I was, I was out. And so, I ended up traveling and so you can see like interweaved into my entire 30 years of the restaurant business. I always tried to find a way to be freer in my being freer in the choices of time, location, you know, all that stuff.

And so, the restaurant business snagged me up at that point. And I went through, I traveled the country through the restaurant business. It helped me go to Arizona for a couple years, went to California a couple years, they transferred me back to East Coast. And the whole time I was in a leadership role just managing and helping people with that gift of belief, you know, that we talked about holding that gift of belief for them, helping them get to where they wanted to go and next levels.

And so that's really what I've taken into this business. And it was funny when I started my coaching schooling, my life and health coaching schooling to get my certification. I, so I said, oh, I'm new at this. And one of my friends whipped her head around and was like, no, you're not. You've been doing this since you were 15.

So, I really have been like a coach at heart. And they used to call me coach at all my jobs, like, coach, what's the next plan? Okay, what are we doing for the shift? And so that's why like I sign off Coach Jackie all the time because really, like I've been called at, I was a manager in the dining hall in college.

I was, you know, shift supervisors, assistant managers, general managers, district managers, kitchen manager, you name it, I did it. But it was always because I loved the aspect of like really like seeing something in someone that they didn't see in themselves, holding that gift of belief up until they got there.

And of course, when they got there, I was always like, okay, we're gonna raise it further.

[00:05:09] laurin: Yeah.

[00:05:09] Jackie: You're gonna go further, we're not done.

[00:05:12] laurin: Don't get too comfortable.

[00:05:13] Jackie: No, don't get too comfortable. This is not, nah, you're worth, you're, you're worthy of more and you're, you're better than you think you are. And so that was fun and that's what kept me.

But I gotta tell you, as you know, cocktail waitress, you worked long hours, you worked nights, you worked weekends, right? And that's something that I got asked so many times over the 30 years, like, why do you still do it? Like you work so many hours? And I was like, because there's just something that I love about what I was capable of using my skills and my gifts in doing in that industry.

And 300 plus people later promoting to newer levels and, and doing all that really kept me like driven to do that. And that. Until, until, and how do I get to where I am today? I actually, the last two years of that career, I was like, I'm gonna take a challenge. And I pulled myself out of operations and put myself into a corporate office.

[00:06:01] laurin: Wow.

[00:06:02] Jackie: Don’t put someone like me into a corporate office, animal in a cage. I'm like, what are you doing?

[00:06:06] laurin: Yeah. Not much freedom in that. Is there?

[00:06:08] Jackie: No, like I was commuting three hours into Washington DC cause I lived in Virginia, like one and a half hours each time each way. Been there, done that. I had drum, right?

[00:06:17] laurin: Yeah.

[00:06:18] Jackie: I, I think that was the biggest relief when the final day came and, and my, my firing day, which I say is the best day of my life, but that two years that I did that, it was a, it was, it was a struggle.

Like I was like trying to fit like a circle into a square and, and I was just, there was parts that I liked, but I was, it wasn't for me. And I truly believe that the universe and God put that in my place so that once I got fired from the job, because the one, they were merging with another company, didn't have enough spots, and I was one of the ones who wasn't meeting their expectations.

Well, thank God I wasn't, because I would've never left the industry.

[00:06:53] laurin: Right, right.

[00:06:53] Jackie: And so, when they let me go, it was like I learned what I needed to learn in those two years, which is, you're gonna laugh. It was all the behind the scenes. It was the computer stuff, it was Zoom, it was Google Drive. It was creation of documents.

[00:07:05] laurin: Useful information.

[00:07:06] Jackie: Yeah. That I had no knowledge of two years previous. And now I look back and I'm like, thank God I had that, even though I was miserable doing it, now I can run my own business.

[00:07:16] laurin: Isn't it lovely when you can turn around and look back and go, wow, that was actually a gift.

[00:07:23] Jackie: Yes.

[00:07:24] laurin: You know, the, the, the knowledge you got, the skills you got and that you got fired. Which, you know, it's like, sometimes that's the best thing is when somebody goes, yeah, this isn't, you're not working here. Go do something else. You know?

[00:07:35] Jackie: Yeah. I just remember like the, the, I don't know about you, but where, I don't know where you wear your tension, but I wear it in my shoulders, right? Like when there's stress. My shoulders are real tight.

[00:07:44] laurin: Yeah.

[00:07:44] Jackie: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. And I walked outta that building and my shoulders were loose, even though I just, I just lost a high-income job and I was like, I feel good.

[00:07:53] laurin: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

[00:07:55] Jackie: With tears coming out at the same time.

[00:07:57] laurin: Yeah, well it's, you know, it's never fun to get fired from something, but on the other hand, look at, you know, you have, you have turned around and looked at it from the other perspective on. Okay, that was actually a gift. Yeah.

[00:08:08] Jackie: Yeah. Truly.

[00:08:10] laurin: So, you've gotten your certifications as a coach and it's funny cuz I was thinking, well that's the teaching, that's her form of teaching. You know, you thought you wanted be a teacher. Coaching is teaching. I mean, it really is.

[00:08:23] Jackie: Thousand percent. Yeah.

[00:08:25] laurin: It's more of an experiential kind of teaching than being in a school. I think.

[00:08:31] Jackie: Yeah, I didn't want, I did elementary education and I loved like fifth grade cuz they were like, at that age where they could like talk to you, like adults and yet wasn't quite programmed like adults. So, you had this like, magical place where like they were inspired and influenced.

I just take that same concept with adults now and I always did throughout my whole career. I just, I love the, inspiring people to do more than they ever thought they could do.

[00:08:57] laurin: What a gift that is you give to people, so.

[00:09:02] Jackie: And I own it finally. I own that gift finally.

[00:09:05] laurin: Well, yeah. Yeah. It's good because it's hard to like move into embracing that until you go, oh, yeah, that is me. That is my gift. This is what I'm, this is my passion. Yeah. Those are the things that I know of looking back at my life, those are the things I've excelled at.

[00:09:20] Jackie: Mm-hmm.

[00:09:21] laurin: Where I was like, yes, I can do this. I'm good at this. I can, you know, it's like…

[00:09:25] Jackie: Great. And sometimes we wanna be like humble or we wanna be like, hmm, you know, oh no, no, not me. You know? And what I've learned over these past three years is like, the more you own and own up to, and speak loudly about when it comes to your gifts in this world, that's how you change the world. When you hide or dull down or dim your light because like you don't wanna be too much or too this or then we're, we're robbing people of, of the change that they could receive from us, shining our light in the world.

[00:09:58] laurin: Yes. Yes. I don't know when the first time I heard that particular version of, you know, perspective on that, but it, it hit me hard because I was one of those that hid for a long time. I just wasn't comfortable being, you know, my, my wild wonderful woowoo self.

[00:10:15] Jackie: Love it.

[00:10:17] laurin: So, so, yeah, somebody said, you know, why are you being so stingy? It's like, what do you mean I'm big stingy? You have all these gifts and you're not bringing them to anybody else. You're just holding onto them. And that's stingy.

[00:10:29] Jackie: Mm-hmm.

[00:10:30] laurin: Like, I never thought of it that way.

[00:10:32] Jackie: Right?

[00:10:33] laurin: So. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:10:34] Jackie: I, I heard it in the way someone looked in the screen on a video one time and said, people are dying emotionally, physically, and, and, and mentally when you don't share what it is that you have. And that hit me. Like, I was like…

[00:10:48] laurin: Yeah.

[00:10:49] Jackie: And I was like, he's right. He's so right. And we're making it about ourselves when we don't share. Like it's, it's like you said, like your friend said, it's stingy, it's selfish when we hide what it is, but we're, we're kind of ingrained and taught differently. You know, growing up it was the be humble and, and be, be, be quiet and don't boast and don't brag and…

[00:11:11] laurin: And yeah. Don't be too much of anything, you know?

[00:11:13] Jackie: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

[00:11:16] laurin: Probably cause in our culture, it hasn't felt safe to be, you know, look at me, you know, look at what I can do. I'm, I, you know, it's so, it's, you know, it's, some of it is culture, some of it, well, a lot of it's culture.

I think. Some of it is past life stuff too, cuz we do bring in some of those traumas with us. I know that I did and when you've been a healer through many lifetimes, many of those didn't end so well. So, I know that there was some of that that I brought with me this time to clear out, to work out so that I could stand in my power.

[00:11:48] Jackie: That, that, that stuff. If you told me, like, I think we had mentioned when we were chatting three years ago, if you told me, I would be talking about past lives and, and spirit guides and, and, and manifestation and, and meditation. I'd be like, huh, you're crazy. Like, I don't talk about that stuff. Right. I don't even know what that stuff is.

Right. and I now, I'm like, when you talk about past lives, all I wanna do now is talk to you about like, oh, I was like a military guy, and I was this, and I'm like, I get all excited and giddy.

[00:12:15] laurin: Yeah. Yeah. And I, well, and we're gonna take a little tangent here because I love, I work with past lives quite often with my clients. They'll come up in when we're doing healing work.

[00:12:26] Jackie: That’s so cool.

[00:12:27] laurin: It is very cool. But I love seeing the threads between all the lives to what they're here to do now, because we do tend to come back in similar ways or with similar purposes.

I knew this almost my whole life, that I wanted to do something in the, in the health field, you know? But I, med school, I thought twice about going to med school. I couldn't handle the science. It's not my thing. I thought about becoming an acupuncturist at one point, decided that wasn't my thing. I went to public health school.

That wasn't my thing. I finally figured out my thing is that I'm an intuitive energy healer. It's like, oh! And if I look back at the past lives that I've learned about over the last 10 years or so, there's, that's, that's what I was doing in those lives is that I was being some sort of healer, shaman, whatever.

And yes, it's fascinating. I, we could talk about this.

[00:13:16] Jackie: Fascinating. I know, and I'm like…

[00:13:18] laurin: So how did you then awaken to this sort of, you know, what people call woowoo? I don't, I haven't found a better, a metaphysical spiritual kind of understanding.

[00:13:28] Jackie: So, one thing I, I, I can say is I've always been open to new things I never had. Like, I'm not one of those resistant to change. I actually embrace change, love it. Like I've moved like 20, 22 times and that's not including all the moves we've done with the RV in one year. So, so that kind of stuff. And, and so when I started the journey, someone gave me Gabby Bernstein's book, Universe Has Your Back, that was my first introduction to anything universe, anything like in those terms.

And then just gradually over time, the coach I worked with was like, taught me tapping, taught me and then she bought me my Kasha reading and then like, so she, like, she wasn't like, let me throw it down your throat. She'd like when there was a need and she felt like something, she would be like, are you open to trying something new?

Of course, I am. Now, I was that standard person that like, oh, would do meditation. I'm like, I can't sit still. I can't do it for 30 minutes. I can't focus, I can't visualize, like I'd get frustrated cause I wasn't doing it right. Right? And so, I challenged myself with her, with her mentorship to do like a straight 40 day.

It was like with Deepak Chopra and Oprah. But I love saying that together. And I did that and, and after doing that, it was just, it's just like a muscle, like any, anything that you build, it's like the practice of it. I was like, ah, now I get it. Like, now…

[00:14:45] laurin: They call it a meditation practice.

[00:14:47] Jackie: Right, right. Me, I was like, I'm like the ADD child of, of self-care, by the way, like an ADD child.

I'm like, one day I'm gonna journal. One day I'm gonna do this. One day I'm gonna do that one. I'm gonna, and I, of course, again, in the beginning thought I was doing it wrong. But then finally like I, she gave me the grace of like, you might be that person who needs variety and that's okay. She's like, as long as you're spending time with you.

And that was the biggest thing is learning. One of the biggest shifts for me was learning how to be, cause I just came from a career where I worked 50, 60, 70 hours a week. I was on the go constantly, especially the last two years I was traveling. And then I come into this, I took six months off after I got fired.

And I was like, I've never taken any time off more than a week and I wanna experience some time off. And I took six months off and I traveled like seven different places with friends, even if there were short weekends or a week. So, I tasted what freedom, time freedom was like. I was like never going back.

So that like, that solidified, I'm never going back and getting a job that like stamped that. But then during that time I was like, all right, let's go all in. And I hired a coach cause I was like, I need to start making money somehow. But if I'm not gonna get a job, I need to create this business. When I hired her, like I thought like, okay, we're gonna build a business.

Well, like that first six months, I cried more than I've ever cried in 40 years. I cracked open like a walnut. She cracked me open like a walnut. Not meaning purposely, but that's what happens when you don't want to deal with yourself. I realized for 40 years I never knew how to be, I was always the do, have, or do have, do have.

And I never what do I wanna be with me for? Like, like what do I wanna do with my emotions and feelings? Yeah. Nobody teaches us how to do that either. No, no. Especially when you grow up. Mom passed away when I was five and I grew up with my dad and four brothers. And my sister was older and already out of the house. And so, it's like I had, I only had the masculine, my dad had a construction company on top of it, so, you know, so it was very so, so feelings.

What are those? I mean, come on Laurin. Like what are hmm. No, and I, I dunno if I I dunno if you know the story that, like those feelings. I pushed down through binging and purging for 30 years and no one ever knew, no one in my life, like the person I was married to, my best friends of 20 years, like all of it, no one knew, but it was my way of learning how to stay safe.

[00:16:59] laurin: Mm-hmm.

[00:16:59] Jackie: And how to feel loved and how to belong. And so, the, the, the binging part came from anytime there was food around, people were around. So, I was like, how food belonging felt love and belonging. So, when there was nobody around, which I pretty much raised myself, that's what I, I substituted it was with food.

Well then, I was like, I had these emotions, you know, you hit 11,12, like I had these emotions and feelings, right? And nobody around to help, you know? So, I was like, okay, how do I deal with this? So, I can't be angry, I can't bother anybody. I can't show anger, this and that. So, the bulimia was a way of me releasing all of those like sad, angry emotions.

And it was, you know, it, it was, it was my way. And I don't call myself a bulimic because I believe it was just my safety mechanism to protect me for all those years until I learned how to feel. And thank God for this business, for me running across this business. Cause it taught me how to feel and love myself while I'm feeling.

[00:17:56] laurin: Hmm. Yeah. It's, I, I mean, I grew up not being allowed to be angry, but I, I cried a lot. I was, I people, my mother was always saying, what are you crying about? You have nothing to cry about. And it's like, I'm swallowing all this anger and, you know?

[00:18:12] Jackie: I know, right? It wants to come out, but…

[00:18:15] laurin: I was like, I didn't know why I cried either. That's my mechanism for letting it go. And I, my, my favorite little piece of, of miscellaneous trivia is that there was some, a scientific study done that shows that tears are chemically different depending on why you're crying.

[00:18:31] Jackie: I love that.

[00:18:32] laurin: So, if you're crying from anger, they're at the chemicals or a certain thing, I guess a lot of cortisol and that sort of thing.

If you're crying from joy, it's a completely different chemical makeup of those tears. They are physically moving the energy through you in different ways with our hormones and chemicals, you know, being the, the…

[00:18:50] Jackie: No wonder it's so cleansing. I feel so good when it's done now. Like I would fight it, like you were talking about, I would fight it back in the day and I'm like, no, no, no, no, no, no. And then I'd wonder why I didn't feel so good cause I wasn't letting out all of those, those things you were talking about.

[00:19:04] laurin: Right. And that's where people end up getting physical illnesses too, because we swallow or we hold in the body. All those things we need to express.

[00:19:13] Jackie: Mm-hmm.

[00:19:13] laurin: And eventually your body will say hello, there is something over here you have got to pay attention to, you know.

[00:19:19] Jackie: Oh yeah. That disease we create in our body. I could imagine that you really, that's the, when you clear that stuff with people, with doing what you do, how amazed they are.

[00:19:31] laurin: Yeah, it's super transformative for people.

[00:19:36] Jackie: Hmm. And lighter man. I know. I felt so much lighter.

[00:19:38] laurin: And, and I think one of the things that, that they learn with working with me, and I'm sure with most healers, is that when you have somebody to help you move those, that energy, it's not as hard as you think it's gonna be. It's like somebody's helping with the lifting.

And I like to tell people, look, we're gonna figure out what this is. It's maybe something you really haven't wanted to approach or, or look at, but you get to keep the wisdom and we're gonna get rid of the pain now.

[00:20:08] Jackie: I love that.

[00:20:09] laurin: And so, you get the gift of it. It's like you looking back at your, at your being fired. You know, in those two years you've spent learning all these tools you now need. You got, that was the pain. You got rid of the pain, but you got to keep all of the wisdom.

[00:20:21] Jackie: Yes. Yes, yes, yes. I did.

[00:20:23] laurin: I'm all about wisdom. I love wisdom,

[00:20:26] Jackie: I love it. Now, and we have, so we have all the wisdom we need within us if we're willing to let it come out. Like that's something else I realized. I, I, I don't know about you, but on the journey I've tried to, everything has happened exactly the way it was meant to happen for me, you know?

And everything's happening for us. And there was times where I kept wanting to reach out and like bring in more to like gain my value or bake like, like find it externally. And when I finally realized that, wow, it's all inside of me. I don't need to look externally for anything. It's inside of me and my higher power and our connection, and boom, I got everything I need.

That was the owning part of the three pillars I talk about, of the awakening, of powering and owning. When I finally realized like, oh, I own my own magic.

[00:21:09] laurin: Yes. Yes. We are all magical beings. We don't, we don't know that. Nobody teaches us that, or at least in our culture, it doesn't. I, I, I can't speak for the, the world because I know there's so many different places in different cultures, but in the American culture, we don't get taught about being magical beings.

We're supposed to be logical beings. You know, we're not supposed to do that.

[00:21:31] Jackie: We have to operate with evidence only. And, and in reality, you have to operate without evidence based on faith, love, and joy and what you desire. And that was another one. Like, oh, I'm, it's a different mindset when you're an employee, you, you operate based on evidence. And when you have like input this, this concept of operating without evidence and visioning it and knowing that it's happening and stepping into it, like, I'm like, that's just a lot of whole faith in it.

[00:22:00] laurin: Oh yeah,

[00:22:01] Jackie: Woohoo stuff from back in the day and like before I knew what woowoo was.

[00:22:04] laurin: Right. Yeah.

[00:22:05] Jackie: That is, that’s what I started everybody with. I started everybody with the freedom vision. Like, what is it that you really want? What do you really want? Desire? And I'm not talking about tangible things like, yes, those will come. I'm talking about what do you wanna feel? Who do you wanna become?

What do you wanna hear, see, touch, taste, think, I mean, all of that. Like get all into the senses and the emotions and, and then who do you wanna become?

[00:22:31] laurin: Hmm. That's powerful.

[00:22:34] Jackie: That the, the visioning of who you wanna become is so much fun. But it's hard. It's hard in the beginning, man, I didn't want to.

[00:22:40] laurin: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I've had a couple of people try to lead me through that, and I'm like, I don't know, you know, I don't have a clue, but yeah. So that's, that's a very powerful place to start. That's, that's, that's incredible. Hmm.

[00:22:56] Jackie: And it might start small and that's okay. Like, like there's no wrong way on what that looks like. So, let's say like one of my visions was to like just be free with like my time, which I was creating already. But then I wanted to also have like money freedom where like I could do what I want when I want.

My saying is I wanna do what I want when I want, whenever I want, without having to ask for permission from anybody, including myself. Cuz I was the one who always stopped myself from doing things right. Can't afford that, can't fit, that, can't do that yada yada. And so, in the beginning the visioning is, you have to break through a lot of the things that you held yourself from wishing that you could have because it didn't seem so possible.

[00:23:36] laurin: Right.

[00:23:37] Jackie: And one of the biggest things that helped me broaden that vision for myself is surrounding myself with people who already are doing what it is that I desired.

[00:23:45] laurin: Yeah.

[00:23:46] Jackie: So that gift of belief you talked about, like we get to borrow it from someone else. And so, I would surround myself with other people who had coaching business, other people who had the time freedom, who had the money freedom, who had the location freedom. And I was like, alright they got it. So, can I.

[00:24:01] laurin: Right. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I, that, that taking their experience and, and borrowing that belief that, that you could do that too, or that they have in you, that you can do it. I, I started my professional, you know, life as a, as a healer because one of my teachers, my first teacher said, you need to be doing this.

She was one of the ones that said, you know, you're keeping it from the world. That's not fair. You know, and so she kind of pushed me out of the nest and I really had to borrow her belief. Cause I was likes, right.

[00:24:33] Jackie: Sorry.

[00:24:33] laurin: Imm gonna step off the nest and fall down my, and you know, and it was, it was such a gift of, of her belief. And it was an act of faith that I, I had to believe that she believed, you know that she wasn't just trying to, you know, make nice and like, you know, get me out of her hair or something.

[00:24:53] Jackie: Right. Be free child. Be free. Well, that, did I have tell you this? Did I tell you the story about the when I was interviewing for jobs and how I ran into somebody? One of the interviewers was a guy I used to work with. Oh gosh. This was great. This was like the permission and how the universe puts things exactly.

You know, for you right when it's meant to be. So, I'm interviewing for jobs and I'm like, I, I'm getting them in the restaurant business. It's really easy to go get another job cuz like, you're like a piece of meat cuz like, oh, you got experience, come on in.

[00:25:21] laurin: Right.

[00:25:22] Jackie: And so, I got a couple offers and I said no. And then there was this third one I started interviewing for.

It was another restaurant chain that was expanding and they were like, ooh, you have everything. So let me get you interviewed with the big guy, Cause I did restaurant openings for many of the companies. And so, he gets on the phone and says guy Mike, ironically, there's so many Mikes in my life.

My boyfriend's name is Mike and he is, he used to work with me at Potbelly, which is another chain I worked for. And he was like, I know you, we don't need to interview. He is like, I'd hire you in a heartbeat. He loved me when we worked together at that company, so we didn't have to go through the interview.

He's like, but I got a question for you. How's life been going and what have you been doing? And I was like, oh, you know, so I was like telling him how I just had this two month. I was only two months into my coaching with life coaching, learning about life coaching and health coaching and stuff. And I was like, oh, but I see that I could do this and this.

And he's like, awesome. He is like, how much money do you have? I was like, why are you asking me about my finances? He's like, I wanna know how much money you have to live on. And I was like, what? And I, and I, I didn't get it at first, so I was like, well, I'm selling my house. I'm cutting my expenses. I was telling him how that I was working towards just a life change.

And he's like, great. He's like, you tried that for a year, and if it doesn't work out, come back and I'll give you the job. He goes, right now I'm not gonna give you the job. And I was like, what? Like, what do you mean you're not giving me the job? You love me. He's like, because I'd rather, he goes, if I was in your position, I would do what you wanna do in a heartbeat.

Like I would ex, I would just go do my own thing, have my own business. He's like, he was in a mindset of like, I've got family commitments. I can't just jump. He was the main breadwinner, you know? And he's like, but man, if I was in your position, he's like, so you have a guaranteed job with me. He goes, but not right now.

[00:26:56] laurin: Mm-hmm.

[00:26:57] Jackie: And when he said that, he gave me the permission, right? And I was like, oh, if he believes I can do this, and he's given me this because I told him I have a year of money to live on. And cuz I had saved money, but I also had like, you know, some accounts. And I also had of course we all have credit cards and then I had some, some unemployment, but then I just, I was lowering, I was selling a house and I was cutting my expenses into an apartment just so that we cause the kids were, his kids were starting to, to go out and I was like, wow.

He just gave me the permission. So, from that point on, I was like, I'm in. And I know, I knew I had this like, safety net. Like I, I could get a job in a year from now if it doesn't work out.

[00:27:33] laurin: Right.

[00:27:34] Jackie: I never, I never had to go back.

[00:27:35] laurin: Yeah. Yeah. Isn't that lovely,

[00:27:38] Jackie: Mm-hmm. So, I bar, I definitely borrowed his belief in me in that moment. And then I went all in.

[00:27:44] laurin: Yeah. That's such a gift. And as a coach, and, and you know, as what I do too, that's something that we give to our clients is that belief that they can be what they want to be and they can do what they want to do. And more, you know.

[00:27:59] Jackie: And more. Oh my gosh.

[00:28:00] laurin: And more. Yeah, that gift of belief is something I think grandparent, grandmothers particularly are really good at doing that for grandchildren.

Parents, I know, you know, having been a parent well, I'm still a parent, but they're grown people now. But that, you know, you get lost in the, the minutia of making lunches and getting 'em off to the school and, and did you do your homework? And grandparent can come in and go, honey, oh, this is so exciting.

I'm so glad you're doing this. You know, I, I think that you would be really good at that. You go try that, you know, it's like, so I think grandparents are, and grandmothers in particular, I tend towards grandmothers, but that there, there is something we really need more of. And I think that the work you do than the work I do, in a way kind of fills that gap for adults. You know?

[00:28:47] Jackie: You wanna hear something really funny in college? You know what my nickname was?

[00:28:53] laurin: What?

[00:28:53] Jackie: Grandma

[00:28:54] laurin: Really?

[00:28:55] Jackie: And that sounds weird, like why would you be called grandma? But we were in a a group of women that we didn't wanna be in a sorority, so we created our own group, because that's how much I wanna be free from…

[00:29:04] laurin: Yeah.

[00:29:05] Jackie: From rules and regulations.

So anyway, I they, one day they were like, you are always like one, you care about everybody, but two, you help see things that people don't see. And like you read, like I read labels really well on Round the Jar. Like we're all stuck in this jar and I hope read the label. And they're, they related it to that.

And I was like, okay, I'll take that nickname. At first, I was like, what are you trying to say? First of all, I'm the youngest. I'm the youngest looking here. I'm like, but whatcha you trying to say? Then I got it. They're like, you care from a place like a grandmother would and you, but you don't over helicopter people either. And I was like, oh, good point.

[00:29:38] laurin: Yeah. Yeah. It's a different, I am not a grandmother yet. I don't know if I ever will be. It doesn't, I have no, you know, skin in that game. But I see my friends who are grandparents now and how, what a lovely, positive relationship they have with their grandchildren, cuz you're not responsible for the disciplining and the homework and all that. If you can just be the loving grandparent, and I think that's so cool, you know?

[00:30:05] Jackie: It's so pure. Like I watched the love that my boyfriend loves his kids profusely, but the love that, like the love and light that he has when he sees his grandson and when I, when I'm with that kid, like I've never felt more love than when I'm holding that kid and I have 10 nieces and nephews, adore them, but when I held him, like he's gonna be two in November. Mm. It's just magical.

[00:30:31] laurin: Magical. Yeah. Yeah. It's, it's you know, it's the payoff for raising the, the generation that has them.

[00:30:37] Jackie: Yeah. Exactly. Exactly. That's funny.

[00:30:40] laurin: So, you do call yourself a freedom mentor, which I love. So that obviously is the focus of your work and your life. You're living in an RV now.

[00:30:49] Jackie: Mm-hmm.

[00:30:50] laurin: Right? So, you are really living Yeah. You, you can go anywhere. This is amazing.

[00:30:56] Jackie: Yeah. And it wasn't in the vision. I just wanna be clear, like this is not like a lifetime dream that I've always wanted to do. It was, I had on my vision board and I was writing all my like celebrations of what's already happening. And it was a Greece in Italy and Spain and those golly places internationally that I wanted to go and then Covid hit, right?

And so, I had two choices. I could wait through Covid and not do anything, or I could figure out another way I can pivot and figure out another way to travel. And that's when we started watching RV America, which is a series, don't watch it if you don't wanna buy an RV. So, like, we're like, oh, that one would be good.

That would be good. And then we went to like the first show that opened up publicly and we're like, oh, we're walking through 'em. And then we just decided a year before we went full-time, we bought the unit. And here's, and the ironic, the funny part is when we bought the unit, I was like, I don't have the money to buy the truck yet.

Like, we're not ready for that. Well, in the, when we were buying the the RV, the guy's like, well, what kind of truck do you need? And I was like, well, we need a truck to pull this thing. It's 44 feet. It's like 20 packed. It'll be like 20,000 pounds, right? And he's like, well, someone just turned in a fifth wheel already.

Set up truck, a truck set up for a fifth wheel around the corner for sale. He just turned it in like an hour ago and I was like, it's black, it's this. It had like all the descriptions. We were like, oh my gosh. So, we go around the corner, we go around the corner, and then the guy's pulling it up on like the display like section of the grass and stuff.

And I was like, all right, we wanna take it for a drive. He goes, I just put it here. And I'm like, let's take it for a drive. It was $25,000 less than what I've been seeing online. It only had 17,000 miles. And I got a text message from somebody in the same moment saying, I wanna be your client. And the payment was the same exact amount of money. I was like, all right, we're buy the truck. it was like, it was like, okay, we gotta try. And…

[00:32:45] laurin: The universe provides.

[00:32:47] Jackie: Yes. That showed me that like we, we, we don't always have the evidence in the moment. It shows up and things happen. And so, from, and then when he got that, we're like, we're going full-time as soon as the last kid's outta the house.

[00:32:57] laurin: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

[00:32:58] Jackie: We're fulltime traveling the country.

[00:33:00] laurin: Nice. Nice. Yeah. When things fall into place like that, so easily. You know, it's, that's what you're supposed to be doing. It's, its…

[00:33:09] Jackie: Yes.

[00:33:10] laurin: It's when we moved to Williamsburg from Silver Spring, Maryland, so at the DC area, which is why I'm familiar, the traffic was part of why we left the area. We decided very suddenly that we wanted to look at Williamsburg.

We had been vacationing here for a few years with the kids, you know, bush gardens and stuff. And we took a weekend. My parents happened to be around. They could keep the kids. He and I came down. I had found the neighborhood we are now in online, but we didn't think it was one that we could afford. So, we were looking at other ones, and then we were in one that's right next door to this.

I mean, it's like on the same street, you know? And I went, oh, that's the one I saw online. Let's go take a look. We're here. Why not? When we left, we had been taken around by a salesman. We had talked to him, we'd picked up a lot. We did say we wanna think about it for, for a week. You know, just to give us, cuz everything, I mean this was like within days of deciding we, maybe we should move to Williamsburg.

We came back the next, I think like the next week and went to visit the schools. Cuz that was my other priority is we had to have good schools, great schools here and public schools even. You know, it's like…

[00:34:17] Jackie: Mm-hmm.

[00:34:18] laurin: And so, we bought the lot. They hooked us up with a, a builder that builds very efficiently.

So, it was more quickly done. We, our house in Maryland sold before we put it on the market. Before we were ready, you know, it was like we found an apartment, you know, in, in Silver Spring where we could live for six months to let the kids finish out school. Cuz this is Christmas time that our, our household, we found a townhouse exactly when we needed it for exactly length of time we needed it in this neighborhood so they could start school in the new schools.

And then our house was, I mean, it was just, everything fell right into place. It was crazy. And over about 14 months, this whole thing unwound and I look back and go, clearly this is where we're supposed to be, you know.

[00:35:07] Jackie: Right?

[00:35:08] laurin: That was way easy for such a complicated set, set of circumstances. So, yeah.

[00:35:14] Jackie: Oh.

[00:35:15] laurin: It's just the same kind of thing. It's like, okay, I, this is what I wanna do, and when it's right, it just unfolds.

[00:35:23] Jackie: And here's a something that came up for me when you were talking about that. It's the easy part. We like, we tend to wanna like resist the easy. So when something gets too easy, it must be wrong cuz it's not a struggle. It's not hard, it's not like, and and we were told like, it's gotta be hard to do stuff when things fall into place.

Like let it, like let yourself receive the easy and that was hard for me. But let the easy be easy. And that was a hard one for me cause I always felt like everything had to be a struggle. Like I, I worked very hard.

My dad ran a construction company and ran a business and raised six kids. And it was, it was hard. And I was always, I always thought like there was, there's a struggle. There's always gonna be a struggle. Well, I'm here to tell myself and everybody, the struggle's not real. That's saying that the struggle's real.

The struggle is not real. Doesn't have to be unless we decided to be, and to listen and trust when you feel the easy happening.

[00:36:18] laurin: Yeah.

[00:36:19] Jackie: And let it flow. Cuz that's what it's meant to be like. So, for example, living in this thing, everyone asks me, oh my gosh, how are you guys, you guys killing each other yet?

Because it's like, you know, it's such a small space and there's two of us. And I said, listen, I said, I've owned four houses in my past. All of them I sold within two years, which you're not supposed to do when you own property and. I should have, like I could have if I had just been open and aware that that wasn't my lifestyle, that I wasn't meant, this is easy for me.

Like we love it. I don't have, like, I feel, we feel I've slept better in this camper than I've slept in any house I've ever lived in. And that's just because that's what's meant for me. And so, I can feel the easy and I'm accepting it and receiving it, which was receiving was one of the hardest things for me. I dunno about you.

[00:37:06] laurin: Yeah. Well, I have resisted. It's interesting when I look back because I was very nervous about moving here. It was gonna change our lives completely cuz Dean's business is in DC and he was gonna have to be away several days a week. He was already working 12 hour days. The kids barely saw him.

So, working three days a week wasn't that big a change because when he was home, he was home, he worked in the house, you know, he was here when they got home from school, you know, that kind of thing. So it was, we had a whole lot of reasons for doing it. They were all good reasons and they were, and they were the correct reasons apparently.

And but I, I was very concerned that it was gonna change everything. And that might not be good.

[00:37:47] Jackie: Mm-hmm.

[00:37:47] laurin: No, it changed everything and it was so much better.

[00:37:50] Jackie: Right? Right?

[00:37:52] laurin: So, yeah. Yeah.

[00:37:54] Jackie: Trust and surrender.

[00:37:55] laurin: Yeah. That trust and surrender is, is hard at first. And then once you experience it a few times and you learn to go, oh, that was really easy. I, my computer, there are days where I cannot make things work, and I have learned that I need to go do something else, you know?

[00:38:17] Jackie: I'm not supposed to work.

[00:38:18] laurin: I'm not supposed to work here. Nope. There's something better out there for me today and yeah, exactly. My guides are masters at technological glitches.

[00:38:26] Jackie: I love the, I totally am on the same page with you on that one. I totally embraced it too, and I'm like, okay, just means I'm not supposed to be here.

[00:38:34] laurin: It can be really hard when I've promised somebody to get them something, you know. Then I just text them and go, technology's not working today. I'll get it tomorrow.

[00:38:45] Jackie: Oh, my goodness. Oh, I've got a good story, but I don't know if…

[00:38:48] laurin: We got, we got time.

[00:38:49] Jackie: Real, real quick about trust and surrender. In the beginning, I, real quick, fast timeline. February, 2019, I hired my coach. I was all in, teach me the business, yada yada. Then I realized I needed to work on between these two ears, which is 80%.

The strategy was very minimal. I had enough strategy already. I just wasn't doing it here. So, six months into working with her, I was like, I'm doing all the things. My schedule's packed. I'm seeing all the people, I'm having great discovery calls, and I'm making no money. And I was like, what's going on? So, we assessed the actual things and then, so she was like, okay, first of all your schedule's packed out, so let, so let me challenge you to do something.

She's like, September, this was September. She goes, I'm sorry, this was September. Yeah, October. You're gonna do nothing. I was like, what do you mean do nothing? She's like, you're not gonna add anything else to your schedule. You're just gonna trust that what you have on the schedule is enough and then you're gonna, anyone who wants to, you're gonna push it further out into January.

I was like, what? I was like, I'm gonna book people for January. I'm like, that's crazy. And of course, scarcity was like, no, I need all the people. Okay. I'm not making that much money now. So, I go through the month of September, I mean October, and I made, I was at like only like a thousand a month and I, I boosted the 3000, about 3,500 and I was like, oh, I just did last.

And I made more. I was like, but now I don't know what to do with all my time. She's like, well, we're gonna do it again in November. She's like, now you're gonna have more time on your hands. And I'm like, well, what do I do with all this time? She's like, you're gonna have to go for a walk. You're gonna take a bath, you're gonna talk to a friend, you're gonna play with your dogs, you're gonna do whatever has nothing to do with doing.

And I was like, oh. So, I was being more, right? She's teaching me how to be. And then of course I took, I went from 35 to like 55 and I was like, oh, okay. Twice a charm. Let's see if three third times a charm did it again in November, my schedule was getting smaller and s smaller, and I think I only worked like, like 10, 15 days or something in that December.

And I actually had like holidays with family and I did all the things that you never could do in the hall, in the restaurant business.

[00:40:43] laurin: Oh yeah.

[00:40:44] Jackie: And I had my biggest month ever in December when they, people say that people don't spend money. and I started laughing. I'm like, okay, I get it. I get the whole trusting and surrendering thing.

Thank you so much. You know? But it was, I had to sit and I had to be, and I never realized until that moment how important it was to be rather than do and have, and it's more important because there's more of that energy and alignment with energy and self and universe and, and, and with the, with the vision that you have.

If your visions of energy is here and you're here, well you're not, it's never gonna align. And so that was magical around trusting and surrendering.

[00:41:22] laurin: Mm. I love that. Thank you for sharing that with us. I'm gonna have to bring some of that being more being into my business. I've been very busy lately and it's a it. Yeah. Which is interesting cuz I just blocked off my calendar for, for October. It's like I'm not taking any more, you know.

[00:41:38] Jackie: If, if the doing is fun, then that could be a different story. Like if the doing is like, this is bringing me so much joy and pleasure, but if it's a pressure doing, different story, so I always ask myself, is this pressure or pleasure?

[00:41:51] laurin: That, that's good. That's, that's okay. Yeah, because for me, it's been so much fun. I've been doing a ton of interviews, which I love, but I'm getting a little overwhelmed because everything else has had to fall by the wayside. So, it's like, okay, make some breathing space for myself,

[00:42:07] Jackie: Yes, yes. I allow you to, I give you permission.

[00:42:11] laurin: Thank you! I will, I will borrow your belief that I can do that.

[00:42:15] Jackie: And watch how much more happens in your life.

[00:42:17] laurin: Yeah. Yeah. No, I really am.

[00:42:19] Jackie: The more you receive.

[00:42:20] laurin: I, I am going to enact that. Yeah. I love that idea of just not planning to do anything.

[00:42:27] Jackie: Mm-hmm.

[00:42:28] laurin: Just being.

[00:42:29] Jackie: Yes, it's magical.

[00:42:32] laurin: Yeah. Okay. Thank you for that.

[00:42:34] Jackie: You're welcome.

[00:42:35] laurin: I always get so much from these conversations. I love it. Well, let's, let's go to the rapid-fire questions here before we run out of our time. So, the first one, and again, this is just simple, whatever comes to mind first is a great answer. Okay.

[00:42:47] Jackie: Okay.

[00:42:48] laurin: Who is or was the wisest person in your life?

[00:42:52] Jackie: So, I go back to my dad, and not just because he is my parent, but because he was someone who came from Canada with a third-grade education and built his own business through much adversity in the challenges of his life. He was pulled off to help raise the nine kids below him to run the farm and everything in the third grade.

And then over time, he, like, he just, he just applied himself to everything he did. And then when he came here, built his own construction company and, and ran it. And yes, it had its challenges and it taught, has also taught me some stories I've had to rewire of how hard entrepreneurship is, and it doesn't have to be, but, but overall, he did that with maintaining his character, never changing that no matter how many times somebody did something dishonest with him or they like didn't pay him or this and that, like he kept his character of who he was as a human, as a, as a good man.

And that never changed. So, to see someone go through that much, adversity and still maintain a, just an absolute amazing character.

[00:43:51] laurin: Yeah.

[00:43:51] Jackie: And not get, you know, yeah. Did he get angry at times with like the people, and of course that's human nature, but he stayed the kind, grateful human that he is today at 90.

[00:44:04] laurin: Wow. Wow. That's a good life.

[00:44:07] Jackie: Yeah.

[00:44:07] laurin: That’s a good life. Okay. What's your favorite self-care practice?

[00:44:11] Jackie: So, for me it's really, I feel like I'm constantly in self-care in the sense of like putting myself outside in nature when it comes to, like, I'm sitting outside on the porch, that's why there's so much sun on me. But I'm sitting outside the porch of my RV and that's why we got this, cuz I wanted to have an outdoor office.

I used to put myself down at the lake where we used to live in the apartment and I would go to the lake and I would work staring at the lake cuz I want a lake house one day with a mountain view. So, I'd place myself there. A lot of nature and water, anything around water. But something that's really we talked about earlier was the meditation piece.

I've learned that when I, when I'm down on energy or any kind of lull in my day where I'm like pushing, I feel like I'm about to push myself. I just stop, take 20 minutes and I go do a quick, like clearing energy, whether it's just music, whether it's guided, whatever it is, and I feel like I took like a 10-hour sleep at night or something. It took 20 minutes and that really helps me.

[00:45:07] laurin: Yeah. Yeah. I like that. I do that I, I use, especially when I'm really stressed out, I, that's when I really use the meditation as a self-care practice cuz it makes all the difference in the world. So, what lights you up when you're feeling down?

[00:45:23] Jackie: Hmm. Hmm. I don't know, like, like it's, it's interesting, like if you, I'm not, I'm not saying I'm superhuman and I don't get down cause it's not all rainbows and unicorns, but very rarely do I go past a few moments of being down because I let myself feel. But then I ask myself the question like, does this serve me?

And is this thought true? And so, I've done a lot of work on how in the moment I get to change that thought. So I was, had anxiety over, I mean I had anxiety or stress over something that happened at one of the campgrounds we were at. And I woke up one morning, like two days later and I was like, cuz these guys were harassing and stuff like that.

It was really weird. And I woke up and I was like, ugh. I was feel, I felt horrible and I just went, okay, hold on a second. How will this impact, how does this impacting, like how does this serve you? How does this impact the rest of your day? Like was this, and I stopped, I rethought, changed the thought, went in a different direction, felt differently, and then boom, I actually birthed the program from that day. I did a post about it and then a program came out and it was like amazing. And I'm like, ah. So.

[00:46:32] laurin: Hmm.

[00:46:33] Jackie: That’s, it's really just stopping and honoring like where I'm at, feeling the feels and then, but then going, okay, you get to think different, you get to feel different without like forcefully stopping the feeling. I'm, I don't do it that anymore. Not stopping it down, but just going, acknowledging it, being aware and then deciding I get to feel different.

[00:46:49] laurin: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. And that's where the turning inward kind of practices like meditation and we're just walking in nature, helps you to begin to recognize, what am I feeling? Why am I feeling it? You know? Because if you just ignore the inside, then you don't, you don't have any way to have a conversation with yourself about that, so…

[00:47:09] Jackie: And it comes back with a vengeance. If you don't pay attention to it, you don't let it be. And, but you don't have to live there. I think that's the difference. Like we get to feel it. But sometimes we feel like we have to live here. I have to feel this, and I can't, I can't feel joy and sad at the same time. Well, that's not true. I can't feel like that, you know who told us that? Right. And what's true? So, I let myself feel, I just don't live there.

[00:47:32] laurin: Yeah. That's great. That's great. Do you have a favorite mantra or affirmation?

[00:47:36] Jackie: You know, the one I said earlier, I wanna do what I want when I want without having to ask for permission. Like where I want, however I wanna do it without having to ask for permission from anyone because, and like I said, usually that permission came from me and me stopping myself because of a certain belief that I had or lack or limitation or this and that.

And really more and more each day, like owning, like own you boo and own you I do, one of my very first sayings that I used to always say is like, get out of here. Get out of your head and into action. I have it on a t-shirt now. Because we get stuck in here so much and just really take the action that serves the, the vision that you desire.

And another one is like, I will no longer wait to live my Freedom Vision. I am living it in today and making money doing it.

[00:48:23] laurin: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. It's, it's, you created an amazing life for yourself. It's…

[00:48:28] Jackie: And, and you don't have to be an RV to have a free life, by the way, I just wanna make that clear.

[00:48:32] laurin: Yeah.

[00:48:34] Jackie: People are like, do I have to jump in RV to like feel? No. There's so many versions of a Freedom Life.

[00:48:39] laurin: Yeah. Cuz we all have our own sense of, of what that freedom is. Okay. Tell the listeners where they can find you.

[00:48:47] Jackie: So, you know what's interesting about my business is I built my whole thing on Facebook personal page and just doing one-on-one calls and networking meetings and stuff like that. But I have no other really, I didn't have any bells and whistles that I call it until more recently. So, I've always made my personal Facebook page as a digital diary of my life, my travels, my business, everything.

So if you wanna get to know me, and it's funny when people meet me in person, I'm like, yeah, you're exactly the way you are on Facebook. Like there's no difference. What you see is what you get. And so come friend me on Facebook, if you're in that area, I am on LinkedIn and I am on Instagram, but my website, it's all on my website, which is Jackie Cote coaching.

So, And then everything's like Jackie Cote everywhere. So, you can look up on all those different platforms. I just recently got the website and a couple months ago and I just got LinkedIn a couple months ago and I just did Instagram. I've had for a while. But we have a love-hate relationship, but it's fun.

So, any of those platforms that you're into, I'm on now, but it wasn't until a couple months ago that I decided to go beyond and I've, I've built a magical business just on, and, and this is my word of wisdom. Really just own you and be you because you can build magic off of just being you.

[00:50:00] laurin: Yeah.

[00:50:01] Jackie: And so…

[00:50:02] laurin: Love it. Love it. Thank you so much. I knew this was gonna be a fun conversation and it blew. It went way past fun.

[00:50:10] Jackie: I was like, when we were like 20 minutes, 30 minutes, like, no, not us, it's gonna be longer. We're too, we're we're too compatible.

[00:50:17] laurin: Yep. Yep. We have too much fun talking. It is. I do feel like we've known each other for a long time and we met just a few days ago actually.

[00:50:27] Jackie: Right? I feel the same way.

[00:50:28] laurin: Yep. Kindred soul.

[00:50:29] Jackie: That’s why I'm so honored to be on your platform with your audience because if we get along this well, can you imagine how well all of us get along.

[00:50:36] laurin: Yes. Yes. Yeah. And I, I can only imagine what a great coach you are just from knowing you and what you talk about and how you…

[00:50:45] Jackie: Thank you.

[00:50:46] laurin: So I would would recommend you in a heartbeat without having even been your client, cuz I just get that feel from you. It's that, that heart centered kind of work that you do. I love it. Alright.

[00:50:58] Jackie: You’re gonna make me cry at the end of this.

[00:50:59] laurin: Oh, no, Good tears. Good tears.

[00:51:04] Jackie: Very good tears.

[00:51:05] laurin: All right. Well, I wanna thank the listeners and eventually the viewers for being here with us today. And I hope that you had fun with this conversation and that you learned a few things like I did, that you can apply to your own life. And I, I wanna really thank Jackie for being here cuz this is, this has been a real treat.

And my energy, which was pretty low at the beginning cuz it's in the evening, is like sky high.

[00:51:28] Jackie: Right? I was like, I'm not gonna sleep tonight now. Thanks Laurin.

[00:51:32] laurin: Exactly.

[00:51:33] Jackie: No.

[00:51:34] laurin: Gotta go run around the block or something.

[00:51:36] Jackie: No. I appreciate you and I appreciate your energy and I'm so glad the universe connected us and yeah, I look forward to more.

[00:51:42] laurin: All right, so please come back next week for another episode of Curiously Wise. We have a new episode that comes out every Tuesday and I usually have lovely interviews to do with fabulous, amazing women. I've been so lucky with our guests, and occasionally you just get me. So, it's always fun and it's always wise. So, have a great day. Hope to see you next week.

Thank you so much for joining us today on Curiously Wise. If you enjoyed this episode, please be sure to subscribe so you don't miss future fabulous conversations. And if you had any ahas, please share them in a review on Apple Podcasts so we can continue to pay forward the unique wisdom we all have.

If you want to know more about me or my intuitive energy healing practice Heartlight Wellness, please head over to my website.

Curiously Wise is a team effort. I am grateful for the skill and enthusiasm. Arlene Membrot, our producer, and Sam Wittig, our audio engineer, bring to this collaboration. Our music is Where the Light Is by Lemon Music Studio.

I'm Laurin Wittig. Please join me again next week for another episode of Curiously Wise. From my heart to yours, may your life be filled with love, light, joy, and of course, curiosity.

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