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Three Women

Rapid Transformation
an intensive 1 on 1 healing & mentoring program

"Laurin is excellent at facilitating focus and intention.  Her intuitive sense for healing insures that every session will bring a noticeable shift in thoughts and actions.  She is the guide you want with you as you journey toward change."


B. Prince

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What would change in your life ... if you could let go of pain, feel healthier, more energized, clearer about who you are deep down, and be more filled with joy?


How powerful would you feel ... to have tools to draw on to support that health and joy as you move forward in your life, relationships, or work?  


What would you do next ... if you held a deep understanding of your body, your story, and your journey?


What would it be like ... to feel safe in your own skin, to understand the things that are holding you in place, keeping you from the joy and purpose that is yours for the claiming?


When you reveal the hidden stories
within you, and release the
pain carried in those stories,
you are ready to transform your life
with your new story,
one filled with purpose, passion,
and joy!


In this era of seismic shifts in our world, our cultures, our societies, and in our individual lives, time slips by faster and faster, and change comes at us more and more rapidly.


The Rapid Transformation program leverages that pace of change to create momentum in your transformation through 1-on-1 healing and mentoring work in a condensed time frame, with Laurin supporting you every step of the journey.

"Between the healing sessions to release blockages and the mentoring sessions that give you next steps, this program will launch you into the transformation your soul is looking for."
C. Block

Wouldn't it be great to move into the rest of your life feeling calmer, healthier, and happier than you do now? How wonderful would your life be if you could let go of pain, and move into joy consciously and purposely?

What are you waiting for?

Ready to transform your life? 

Claim your spot now by

 booking a free call or emailing Laurin!

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