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Book a 1 on 1 Session 

At Heartlight Wellness, Laurin provides a variety of healing services designed to bring balance and harmony to the body, mind, and spirit. 


1-on-1 healing or mentoring sessions are tailored to each individual client and are designed to help you heal from the inside out, allowing you to gain the clarity and confidence to become your truest self. 


Laurin offers both in-person sessions and remote sessions via Zoom or phone.

Remote sessions are just as effective as in person because Laurin is working with your energy, !


What is a
like with

Whether in-person or remotely,
a healing session consists of the following...

A brief conversation about what you are looking for help with.​

The healing work: 

While you relax (and stay on the phone or Zoom if this is a remote session!) Laurin intuitively works with your energetic body to uncover the source of your mind, body, or emotional pain/discomfort/concern.


She shares what she is learning/receiving and together you examine the information and the story that is connected to it.


You and Laurin then co-create the healing/releasing of that energy in order to facilitate the recovery of the body to its natural state of energetic balance.

This way of healing is gentle, and happens in layers as you are ready for it, so as to not overwhelm you and your body.

As healing happens, your body will be better able to manage the energetic shifts you will experience, and it will be able to heal itself with greater ease moving forward.

Still have questions? It's easy to book a free consultation call with Laurin!
Are you ready to work with Laurin?
Use the calendar below to book your healing or mentoring session now!


“The whole experience during the virtual healing session with Laurin was amazing! I can feel the energy moving within my body while Laurin was doing her work. I am so happy to get to experience healing from within."

Arlene M. / VA

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