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 Shamanic Journey 

Shamanism is an ancient spiritual practice that is found in cultures around the world. A shaman journeys to discover information, create healing, for power animal retrievals, soul retrievals, and to remove blockages.


A Journey take place in “non-ordinary reality” – an altered state of consciousness that is created through drumming or rattling. The Journey is taken into what is referred to as the upper, middle, and lower worlds or realms. Some refer to this as dimensions outside time, space, and our ordinary day-to-day experiences.


To the client, this appears to be a deep meditative state.  To the shaman, it is a voyage of discovery on the client’s behalf.

Image by Anthony Ievlev
Image by Anthony Ievlev

What does a Shamanic Journey Session with Laurin look like: 


A Journey is a process, much like any other trip – there is preparation, travel experiences, and returning home. The client also has responsibilities during each stage as well.


The session process begins with a brief phone call with Laurin (free) to discuss why the client desires a Journey and to have any questions answered. This call needs to occur at least several days before the Journey takes place, and can happen before the appointment is booked if you prefer. 

During the Journey appointment: Initially the client will call Laurin at the beginning of the appointment for a short conversation. When Laurin is ready to begin the Journey the phone call will end, and the client is expected to rest quietly with no interruptions while the Journey is taking place. When Laurin is finished she will take a few moments to make notes and then she will call the client back and share the journey with the client. Together they will discuss what was brought back and how the client can integrate that information/retrieval/clearing into their life moving forward.


The total time for a Shamanic Journey Session can be as much as 90 minutes.

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