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Laurin Wittig

Official Bio

Laurin Wittig is an intuitive energy healer and transformation mentor. She’s the host of Curiously Wise, a podcast dedicated to embracing the wisdom of women, and she’s an award-winning novelist. She helps people reveal, release, and positively transform the underlying sources of physical, mental, and emotional pain so they can consciously live a new story, one filled with passion, purpose, and joy.

When her own journey with chronic health issues, that were sort of controlled by meds, took second place to the journey of her children’s unusual, and sometimes life-threating, health issues, she appreciated Western medicine for helping to manage symptoms (though creating other problems), but knew there had to be a better, gentler, way to create true health. She turned to alternative health care options…and became fascinated by the amazing changes she quickly saw in her children, and in herself. 

Through this and her own journey to better health and spiritual awakening, Laurin discovered her superpower of unlocking the hidden stories of the body through intuitive healing.

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