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Wise Women Circles

When a woman steps into her power, her strength, her wisdom,

when she's empowered to transform into the self she is meant to be, the whole world wins. Let's change the world, one Circle at a time!

What is a HeartLight Wise Women Circle?

Each HeartLight Wise Women Circle brings together eight to ten women of all ages who are yearning for a safe space to create deeper connections, have honest conversations that explore our experiences, beliefs, challenges, and strengths, and who want to have fun while doing so!

A supportive, heart-centered community grows as we learn from one another, heal one another, encourage, strengthen and empower one another. It's a place where we share our wisdom and our gifts, and honor the journeys we are each on to becoming our truest selves. 

As we embrace our truest selves, we empower the entire community to manifest postitive changes in mind, body, and spirit, which in turn benefits our families, our broader communities, and the world.

And we laugh...a lot!

How does a Circle work?

  • A Circle requires a trained facilitator -maybe that's you!

  • A Circle will be composed of 6-8 members plus the facilitator.

  • A Circle gathers every two weeks for a total of six gatherings per "cycle," either in person or virtually via Zoom or a similar service.

  • Generally there is an opening and a closing ceremony to create the Circle and to close the Circle, including a short meditation.

  • In between those ceremonies there are:

    • fun introductions, 

    • a topic to start the conversation, 

    • and depending on the specific Circle members or an occasional invited guest, there may be a sharing of a gift or expertise.

      • For example: sound healing, meditation, a dance break, specifics about using crystals, essential oils, astrological information, laughing yoga, chi gong, chanting...and that's just some of what has been shared in the past.

  • There is time before and after a Circle for socializing, too (even on Zoom)!​

People During Workshop
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Waterside Women

HeartLight Wise Women Circle Facilitator Training

Are you interested in becoming a certified Heartlight Wise Women Circle facilitator? Wonderful!

The first step is to have attended at least three different "cycles" of a HeartLight Wise Women Circle (local or virtual). Haven't done that yet? Click here to see what Circles are coming up and join the fun!


Currently there are no facilitator trainings scheduled.

You are invited to add your name to the waiting list so you don't miss any announcements about future trainings!

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