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 Healing Session 

Let's get Healthy

Heartlight Wellness is about transformation:

body, mind, and spirit!

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At HeartLight Wellness, Laurin Wittig believes a gentle holistic approach to healing that brings with it a deeper understanding of the underlying factors creating dis-ease, pain, and stress within the body, mind, and spirit, empowers you to create continuous health and wellness in your life.

Laurin is an intuitive energy healer and is also trained in Reiki, Accunect, Esoteric Healing, and Shamanic journeying.

HeartLight Wellness opened in 2018 for both in-person and remote clients.

Laurin offers a FREE 20 minute consultation call for potential new clients. This provides you and Laurin an opportunity to get to know each other a little, and for your questions to get answered. At the end of the call, if you both agree Laurin can be of service to you, you'll get info on how to move forward. 

There is no commitment to anything more than the call

when you book one, and no "hard sell,"

though Laurin will briefly share information

with you about any offerings that might

be of service to you.

In a healing session, Laurin works with you to clear emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual blocks in your energy to facilitate healing on all levels. The goal is freedom from pain, discomfort, confusion so that you can move forward in your life in a more joyful and physically comfortable way.


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