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Embrace Your Uniqueness and Harness Universal Laws: Insights from Arehn McCarty

This week on Curiously Wise: Practical Spirituality in Action, I had the incredible opportunity to dive into a thought-provoking discussion with Arehn McCarty, a seasoned life coach and accomplished speaker who boasts an impressive three decades of experience. Arehn's wisdom sheds light on various aspects of life, purpose, and personal growth, offering a wealth of insights to all who are seeking a more enriching existence.

Our conversation kicked off with me introducing the remarkable Arehn and underscoring her profound life mission, a revelation that dawned upon her back in 1986 – a mission to ignite a love for both God and fellow human beings. Drawing from her extensive coaching background, Arehn unveiled the concept of "SoulPrint," a celebration of the unique individuality that resides within each of us. She firmly believes that every step of our life's journey contributes to crafting our distinctive SoulPrint, emphasizing the pivotal role that our experiences, talents, and passions play in shaping our purpose on this planet.

Arehn's coaching philosophy, which she has aptly coined "evocative coaching," acts as a guiding compass for individuals as they tap into their inner guidance and spiritual connection to unearth their true life's calling. Her advocacy for harnessing universal laws, including the potent laws of vibration and attraction, serves as a means to align thoughts and emotions with our deepest desires. By nurturing gratitude and nurturing a positive mindset, Arehn contends that we can elevate our vibration and draw towards us the very things we aspire to attain.

Throughout our heartfelt exchange, Arehn and I delved into the intriguing interplay between the realms of science and spirituality. We explored the intricacies of the reticular activating system, a co

mponent of our brains that holds a crucial role in filtering our perceptions and shaping our reality. The convergence of these seemingly disparate elements unveiled a captivating tapestry that showcased the profound connection between our innermost beliefs, our external experiences, and the path we tread toward our fullest potential.

I hope you'll listen in to our conversation! Available on your favorite podcast site, and under Podcast in the menu above!

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