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Transcript Interview Episode with Deb Drummond

Updated: Mar 8

Listen to full episode here

Deb: [00:00:00] In terms of tips is taking the reality, which is the physicality. The physicality, like my arm hurts. It might hurt because you know, I'm fighting with my ex-husband or I've got grief with my brother or whatever, but the arm hurts. So, dissecting that and dissecting source and cause and coming up to something that feels holistic and what's holistic? Whole, the whole picture. And that's how I train people.

Laurin: Hi friends, and welcome back to Curiously Wise. I'm so happy to have you here with us today.

I have the amazing Deb Drummond here with me today and we're gonna have a beautiful conversation. I just, you know, I say that all the time. I'm sure we're gonna have a wonderful, amazing conversation.

So, hang in there with us and let me introduce you to her through her bio and then I will introduce you to her [00:01:00] in the flesh. So, Deborah Drummond discovered her aptitude for intuition and insight as a teen. Throughout her life, she continually found herself attracted to helping others and being of service.

I can relate. She was rarely shy. I'm not surprised, and had a keen sense of who and how she could help. When she started her massage practice, this intuitive gift became very relevant. She quickly gained a deep understanding of the power of the information she was receiving.

She developed her intuitive practice based on a strong desire to assist her clients in an impactful way. Deborah has been an intuitive for over 30 years, and her healing arts practice has helped over 27,000 people to date. I am in awe. She is the proud owner of her company,, where you'll see the classes she teaches, the courses she offers, the business opportunities she's offering, the products she creates and endorses, and the schedule of her online and live presentations from stage.

This is a busy, busy lady. She's [00:02:00] amazingly intuitive. She is generous, generous too. She's been very generous with me. Deborah's been featured on TV in Canada. She's in Vancouver, and she, she loves it out there. I'm, I, I've never been to, to Vancouver yet. So, Deb, thank you so much for being here on Curiously Wise with us. I'm just really excited to get to talk to you today.