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Transcript Interview Episode with Allison Holley

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Allison: [00:00:00] We are these absolutely incredible beings, and we're just trying to get our needs met. We're just trying to fulfill our innate desires, but we might be really removed from it. And so, we start to go into these processes. They're unconscious processes. We don't know what the answer is, and then we end up doing things that we feel ashamed about because shame, my definition of shame or I should say my definition of what creates the shameful feeling is doing something that's out of alignment with our truth.

Laurin: Hello friends, and welcome back to Curiously Wise, Practical Spirituality and Action. I have this amazing woman here today, Allison Holley. I met her at Embraced the Woo, Embraced the Woo Too, even. It was an online summit, and we [00:01:00] got matched up for her to do a reading for me first thing in the morning, and it was a life-changing moment.

It was a validating moment, and I just loved her energy and her whole depth of wisdom. So, I asked her if she would come and be a guest, and she said yes. So, we have her here with us today. And so let me just read you a little bit about her and then we'll get into what I know is gonna be a juicy conversation and you know how I like juicy conversations.

So, Allison is an Andromedan starseed, a channel, and awakening guide, and the author of the books, The Era of the True Creator and Ecstatic Playground. In 2012, Allison was overwhelmed by the intensity of a spiritual awakening. Many new awarenesses and gifts opened up to her during this time, including moments of spontaneous channeling and visions of the future.

These profound experiences led her to understand the game that is life, and to know that we are all [00:02:00] masters going through the process of awakening to higher frequency truths. Allison offers channeled guidance, ecstatic sexuality teachings, workshops, and retreats to assist you along your path. So welcome to Curiously Wise, Allison.

Listen to full episode here

Allison: Hi Laurin. Thank you so much for having me here.

Laurin: I'm so excited to have you here. I, I, I'm a fan girl. I have to say.

Allison: Yay!

Laurin: I was telling Allison before we started that I was actually watching a video of her doing a masterclass earlier today, and I, so I feel like I'd get to spend like the whole day with her. It's so wonderful.

Allison: Oh, I love that. It lights my heart up. It's so fun. I'm really honored. Thank you.

Laurin: I really wanted to do this. It's very selfish in a good way because we only had like 20 minutes together when we met before, and you were channeling for me, and I just really wanted to spend more time with you. So, thank you. Thank you, thank you.

Allison: Thank you.

Laurin: All right. Let's, let's just go right into the juicy stuff here. And I wanna start off, you talk about [00:03:00] pleasure as a spiritual practice.

Allison: Hmm.

Laurin: So, tell us what you mean by that and, and how we can bring that into our lives.

Allison: Such a perfect place to start, you know? So, how I came to this understanding is, a lot of my story throughout my life, and then also through my awakening process over the past 10 years. And what I've discovered is I really had this big separation from my physical body. This might be something that a lot of people who identify as starseeds experience.

You know, I have learned recently through channeling that I never opened my root chakra. It was never opened. And I, and Uhhuh and I, you know, I had a lot of illness in my early years especially. But throughout my life there was a lot going on and I've had memories of what happened pre-birth, right?

Where I [00:04:00] pulled my light back in. You know, you talk a lot about my light, and I hear that a lot now because I've very consciously been bringing myself to where all of my channels are open. But it just was, I was very separated from my physical self for a lot of my life. And what I have learned, you know, to make it really brief, is that by bringing myself deeper into my physical self, not only do I not lose all of the connection that I hold so dear, that spiritual connection through the crown and all of the abilities to connect with things beyond just the physical.

Not only do I not lose that, but it actually strengthens it. And it allows my, it opens my ability to be a magical human. And you know, we're moving into this realm where, and I talk about this in my next book, Ecstatic Playground. [00:05:00] We're moving into that six-dimensional consciousness. We're becoming the conscious players of this physical reality in this physical reality.

And so, it's not only about awakening and ascending now, it's about really consciously playing through life. And if we are not within the physical body, if we're not connected to the physical body and we're trying to just be in those spiritual realms, we don't actually have the command to move us forward in, in this game, right?

And so, the most profound wa