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There's something illuminating in the air...

There's something in the air lately, and it's not just the change of seasons. Have you felt the shift in the energies around you?

I know not everyone feels energy the way I do, but for me the energy has been, well, energizing in a creative wave of ideas and opportunities. I'm working on a new focus for my work, bringing everything I do now - healing work with individual clients, women's circles, podcast interviews, and more, but bringing a new focus to it all.

I've been talking for years about how imbalanced the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energy is in our world. I believe the Divine Feminine needs to be nurtured, supported, and encouraged, and this new direction will be around just that...specifically with illuminating the feminine leadership potential we all hold inside us (and it's not just women, we all have both forms of divine energy, but my work centers on women, for now at least).

I know I have spent a lot of my lifetime trying to avoid leadership, but looking back I can see that even with that avoidance there are many times and many forms of leadership that I have taken up successfully.

Leadership can be personal...leading yourself, leading your family (hello moms!), leading a classroom, or a board room, organizing anything that involves others. Leadership can be quiet and subtle, or loud and obvious, and everything in between. The truth I'm finding is that everyone has innate leadership potential, though our cultures may not label it that way.

Has anyone ever been called bossy just by stepping up to get something organized? I was often called bossy as a child (and it always felt like an energetic slap in the face, like I was doing something awful) and perhaps that has something to do with my avoidance of putting myself in a position of overt leadership for so long.

I want to focus on illuminating the inner leader in all of us, and supporting women in owning and embracing that leader in whatever expression feels right. We need to bring a more balanced way of leading back into our world as we work together to find a better way forward.

I want women to be ready to step up when they are called to bring our way of leading forth in an equal, balancing way. I hope you'll join me as I explore what leading from a divine feminine energy looks like, feels like, and how to bring it into our day-to-day lives with heart-centered purpose.

I'm not saying every woman has to take on a leadership position, but doing the healing work you need to feel whole and healthy, includes recognizing your strengths and gifts. You never know what might show up when you begin exploring and healing your inner self. You, like me, might just discover a new passion, or a new direction. It's what I love about this spiritual journey I've been on. I never know what my next calling will be until I reach a point where I am ready to embrace it!

I'm excited to see where this will take me, and those drawn to join me, on this journey of understanding what leading from the heart, from the frequency of the Divine Feminine, means. What it might look like, and how can we bring it into the world in a healing and balancing way.

I hope you'll join me as I follow my curiosity and share what I'm learning and creating and being with you.

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