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Solo Episode Uniquely Loved

[00:00:00] Laurin: Hello friends, and welcome to Curiously Wise. I am Laurin Wittig. I am your host, and today I'm doing something a little different. I'm not interviewing anyone, instead I was interviewed about a month ago for my friend Nikki Jones's podcast called Uniquely Loved. It was released on September 13th.

When I listened back to it, there was a part at the very end where she asked me if my guides had any information that they would like me to share with her listeners, and of course they did. And I passed that along. When I listened to it, I realized that it was actually a really good message.

And that my own listeners probably would benefit from hearing it. So instead of doing something brand new, I asked Nikki if I could use a clip from that episode. And she was very gracious, and sent me the file. And so, we have taken just the part where my guide's answer came through.

So that's what I have put together for you today. This is my guides on the topic of the divine feminine and I hope you find it really interesting cuz I certainly did enjoy.

There's this topic that's been arising a lot in my meditations lately. I always journal after I meditate, but it's, frequently a channel. And so, a lot of it is coming up in there and that is that the divine feminine energy is rising fast.

And I didn't know what that meant for a while. It's a term I've used a long time without really knowing what it looks like. And, I have learned because I, I asked the universe, I need to understand divine feminine energy. Would you just bring whatever I need to me. I've had guests on the podcast and books and channelings.

The divine feminine energy is that creative, nurturing, collaborating, co-creating energy. That compassion, that ability to be peaceful, that ability to be empathetic. All of those things that are considered very feminine by our culture and are not very appreciated, I wanna say. So, that is what the divine feminine is.

It's that energy. And it doesn't mean that everybody who is we're all men and women, we all have divine feminine, divine masculine energy. It doesn't mean that to express your divine feminine energy has to be all of those things. It might be one of them. You may be a particularly compassionate person.

That's your expression of it. I'm a creative person. So, it comes out in books or it comes out in the stories I get from my clients. But this is a time where it's really rising fast and they gave me three Cs, which I love. And I made a note. That are, I think these are seeds to plant within the divine feminine energy.

These are things we need to bring together as women, particularly not that we need to shut men out, but women need to, I think we need to own it first. We need to bring it really strongly into ourselves. And one of the ways that we can do that is by connecting, collaborating, and creating. Those are the three Cs I was given.

So connecting this is a form of connection. It could be a hug. It could be a text to somebody going, hey, I'm thinking about you. Or, you know, let's get together. It could be connecting with yourself. And that's probably the biggest one. So, you can't see me, but I'm like pounding on my heart center.

Like connecting with yourself. Getting to know your inner self is really important right now. Because our outer self is so confined by the culture. And so confined by the masculine energy we've grown up in. That it's harder to peel that away if you don't really know who you are and what's important to you inside.

And so that I think is number one, is that connecting with yourself. Connecting with what gives you joy. Connecting with what gives you sorrow. Sorrow teaches us, and once you get the lesson, you can let the sorrow go. You need the wisdom, but not the pain. I say that to my clients all the time.

You get to keep the wisdom, but get rid of the pain. So even those emotions that may be hard, or those memories that may crop up that are hard. First of all, there are people that can help you process it if you need help, but start there.

And my way of doing that is sometimes I just sit with my hand on my heart, on my heart center, right in the middle of my chest. Cuz that connects me with the energy but also begin to tune in and see, is there a funny song, lyric that's coming through your head that you haven't thought of in years?

That's one of those signs. You know, was there an interesting bird that you've never seen before? Look it up. That's a sign. For me. I'll get, sometimes I get an emotion, like I'll get really sad out of the blue and it's like, okay, what, what is that? And there's some old story that's stuck in my body that I'm ready to let go of.

And that's the other thing I have to say is that as a healer then I'll come back to the seas. The only things that release are the things that you're ready to release. You may need some help with that last letting go, but nothing rises to the surface that you're not ready to look at. So just know that cuz I know I avoided going to healers for a long time cause I didn't wanna deal with any of that stuff.

So connecting with yourself, connecting with others, especially women. The younger generations need wise women. So if you're like me and you past menopause and you're moving into your sixties or beyond, we need your wisdom. Collaborate. So collaborating is just having fun, doing stuff with other people.

That's I mean, at, you know, at its base, that's the best kind of collaborating I know that I have a lot of collaboration projects that have been coming to me through spirit that I'm not ready to reveal yet, but the circles we talked about that was a collaboration. I was a seed you can beat the seed, but I was able to collaborate with a lot of incredible women for two years and they still want more.

So, yeah, that's good. And then create, don't get stuck in your head that creation is art and writing a book and, you know, playing an instrument. Now creation is pretty much anything you do. But try to do it with some joy. Discern what you want to do versus what you feel like you have to do or should, if you are using the word should mm.

Probably don't need to be doing that.

So create joy is the main thing that I'm have coming in at the moment and yeah. Okay. I just got covered in goosebumps. That's my truth bump saying yeah. Spirit going. Yep. You got it. Create joy for yourself and then for others. But if you're not feeling joyful, you can't really create it for others because so the three Cs, connect, collaborate, create and this is how we begin to learn how to be with and in the divine feminine energy

If it feels good, it's probably what you should be do well, but what you are meant to do. The things that bring me joy, are my work now which is great. Because then I get to spread joy to everybody I talk to and everybody I work with, so yeah. Connect, collaborate, and create.

Thank you so much for joining us today on curiously wise If you enjoyed this episode, please be sure to subscribe so you don't miss future fabulous conversations. And if you had any ahas, please share them in a review on apple podcasts so we can continue to pay forward the unique wisdom we all have.

If you want to know more about me or my intuitive energy healing practice Heartlight wellness, please head over to my website.

Curiously Wise is a team effort. I am grateful for the skill and enthusiasm. Arlene Membrot, our producer, and Sam Wittig, our audio engineer, bring to this collaboration. Our music is Where the Light Is by Lemon Music Studio.

I'm Laurin Wittig. Please join me again next week for another episode of Curiously Wise. From my heart to yours, may your life be filled with love, light, joy, and of course, curiosity.

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