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Transcript Interview Episode with Brana Mijatovic

Laurin: [00:00:00] Welcome to the Curiously Wise podcast. I'm your host, Laurin Wittig. This podcast is all about honoring, sharing and celebrating the natural and experiential wisdom of my guests through curiosity provoking conversations, shared stories, and tips we've all gathered along this journey. And from time to time, I'll be sharing my own stories and my own wisdom in solo episodes.

Oh, and we'll be laughing. A lot. I invite you to join in the fun as we uncover the unique wisdom we each carry within us. Ready? Let's get curious.

Hello, and welcome to Curiously Wise. I'm Laurin Wittig, your host. And I have Brana Mijatovic with me today, who I've known for quite a while now. She was a member of my Wise Women's Circle back pre pandemic [00:01:00] and we realized that Brana and I have never really had a time to really just have a good one on one conversation.

So I'm really excited today. Let me tell you a little bit about her. Brana Mijatovic PhD was born with extra sensory abilities and has developed her gifts to provide multidimensional energetic healing that creates rapid personal transformation. Her work with Tesla healing, soul astrology and crystal frequencies quickly clears energetic blocks, expands intuitive abilities and increases personal energy.

She also holds meditation classes and teaches workshops on energy healing throughout the Metropolitan Hampton Roads, Virginia area. So welcome to Curiously Wise, Brana. I'm so glad you're here.

Brana: Hi, Laurin! It is my pleasure. And I'm so happy that we are having this conversation.

Laurin: Yes, I think it's gonna be awesome. I get to ask things I'm curious about, and Brana is really an expert on two things I'm very curious about. One is astrology and the [00:02:00] other is crystal. So we're gonna talk about those today. But I wanna start with, first of all, today is July 17th, 2022 when we're recording this. And I'd like to ask Brana to start just by telling us about the astrology for today.

Brana: So today we have a lot of water element energy. We have sun on the 24th degree of Cancer. We have a Mercury on the 25th degree of Cancer. Currently we have moon on the 17th degree of Pisces. And I say currently, because the moon is gonna actually move, all the other planets are gonna stay on their degrees pretty much throughout the day, but the moon is gonna move.

And right now, it is on the 17th degree. And then we have Neptune on the 25th degree of Pisces. So that's a lot, a lot, a lot of water energy. Not just because of the four placements, but because we also have what are known as the luminaries which exert a lot of energy on our physical [00:03:00] bodies on our mental and emotional states.

And of course, then we have luminaries, meaning sun and moon. And then of course we have Mercury, which influences our thinking. So we are going to really just go with the flow I feel in this conversation, even though we have planned things ahead of time. We have a general idea and the specific ideas which we're gonna talk about, but I have a feeling that this water element is really just going to take us as the conversation flows in many different directions.

Laurin: Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So I'm not even gonna try to understand all the angles and stuff. But how is, how would that be different? Say from my particular astrology for the day?

Brana: So the first thing is that I have not even said where all the planets are. I have just mentioned those that are in water. And those that are in water element today are the strongest simply because of, as you said, how much pool they exert and of the relative importance when it [00:04:00] comes to the whole theory that stands behind astrology.

So, on some level, astrology can be understood and thought from a very simple perspective. And then there are many, many, many layers and many theoretical underpinnings that if you're an astrologer, this is what distinguishes you from somebody who just knows a little bit about it. They have picked up as they were reading about it online.

So the way that the general astrology differs from a personal astrology or natal astrological chart is that when we are born, this is the moment when we actually take our first breath, this is the moment when it is believed that the energies of the universe are imprinted into our psyche and into everything that we are as a human being.

So some people say into our soul. So that is [00:05:00] the natal chart. So when an astrologer is asking you for your birth time birthplace, and then the most importantly the, so I said the birth, the birth date, the birth place and the birth time. So most importantly, the birth time. The time is important because a lot of things depend on it.

But even if we don't have the time, we still have a lot of information. But the point is then the planets continue to move. So the astrologer can see where the planets were at that moment in time when you were born, but the planets continue to move through the sky. Right? And so at any given day, they're in a different place.

Laurin: mm-hmm

Brana: And so when I look at an astrological placement of the planets in the sky, as they are today, completely independent of anybody's personal chart, what I can see is the general flow of energy. So what is general flow of energy is going to be [00:06:00] influential, but at the same time, there is another layer as to how is that going to influence somebody who is a Pisces is going to be different from how is that going to influence somebody who is a tourist or somebody who is an Aries. So this is just a super brief example in a very general example, but I hope it gives you a little bit of a perspective as to how it differs.

Laurin: Yeah. Yeah, no, that's helpful. Cuz you see the daily horoscope and then you talk to somebody like you, who is so deeply into this and, and understands it at a, a level I've never experienced through anybody else. So and I, I just wanna talk for a second about. Why astrology is so important?

And I know you use it a lot in your work, and I know a lot of people I know, you know, are really use it as a guide and as a deeper understanding of themselves. And I, I told you before we started working that I was for a long time a skeptic. I mean, I used to love to read my horoscope in the newspaper back when we had [00:07:00] newspapers, but it was always just sort of for fun.

Even when I first met you. It's gotta be what, four years ago now? I think 2018 was when the circle started. I didn't really understand why it would even work. Why, why were the planets, you know.

Brana: Right, right.

Laurin: But I had also started getting on this journey of awakening and starting to learn about how we're all one, we're all part of the same vibrational soup as I like to call it. In one of those aha moments I had, it was like, oh, okay. I get astrology now because the planets are vibrating at different places at different times at different ways. And we are also vibrating and it's definitely gonna affect us.

Brana: Yeah. Yeah, exactly.

Laurin: Yeah, so that for me was a really eye-opening moment when I kind of put those together and understood more fully how really the universe, I mean, even if you're just a scientist, that universe affects all of us in ways all the time.

Brana: Exactly. So there is once again, a very, [00:08:00] very deep and very complex answer to all of that. And I'm gonna try to make it really as brief and as concise as possible.

Laurin: Okay.

Brana: But those people who are listening for the first time, hearing something about astrology, just know that the history of astrology goes back 4,000 years, if not longer.

So for 4,000 years, people have been observing the sky. And at first astronomy and astrology were the same thing. The reason they were the same thing is because people did not look at the sky just to take measurements. But actually, to understand if there is some sort of a meaning to what is happening in the sky.

And so the first written accounts come from Mesopotamia, oftentimes this is referred to as the Babylonian writing on astrology and it was still in cuneiform letters or in cuneiform form of writing on clay tablets, where they would write down, you know, [00:09:00] Venus was here in the sky here and here, and this is what happened.

So at first it was just observation of how the planet's position in the sky correlates with what's happening locally on the ground.

Laurin: mm-hmm

Brana: So, this is how Astrology officially started. And then at some point it got not to go into all historical details because there are several times when it got separated from astronomy and then reunited with astronomy.

But The idea was that the movements of the planets have an impact on the consciousness of people on earth. And so far, there have been quite a few people who have actually looked deeper into that in their series as to why it works. And one of the reasons why that is not at all well-known or popular, but because they have been following the solar flash events, which are the solar eruptions on the sun and how that affects people on earth and their again, scientists who have [00:10:00] written about that since the 1960s.

So there's documentation about that. There are lots of studies that show how the energy is we actually received from the sun. We can talk about quote unquote energy in the healing circles, but that that's actually a combination of radiation. And then when it reaches there is also of geomagnetic storms, how that actually affects our body and our psyche.

So if we have something like that coming from the sun, then you can think that it's very likely that things like these exist coming to the earth from other planets as well, because we are in a system, right? These planets are orbiting around everything because it is a connected system. Right.

They're not someplace far away where we don't really have any understanding of them. And so astronomers have gone really far into far space, deep space measuring this, measuring that, but really separated [00:11:00] themselves with making any how can I put this nicely? Well, without making any useful correlations to why, why are they studying this?

Why is it meaningful to us? Why do we need to know all these details about the planet, if that's not gonna be useful to us in some way,

Laurin: right, right, right.

Brana: And so to go back to astrology. So people who have studied astrology and they have been building up and refining that knowledge and reading books and doing their own observations and the systems have become obviously the systems for measurements have become more and more precise.

Same measurements. I mean, astrology specifically, so that I can tell you, not only that today with just the press to the button, I can see that sun is 24th degree of Cancer, right? So that information was not available this easily even just [00:12:00] 20 years ago. Let alone hundred years ago.

But people have still those, and this is why storage is so popular today because there are lots of things really available to press the button, so to speak. But it is also why today there are many, I would say even more skeptics because you can read a lot of things that people put together just because astrology is not popular. But they themselves may not be astrologers.

So just the other day I came across an article. It is long article about Pisces. And the first thing that it says is Pisces is the air sign. And I'm like, really?

Laurin: Okay. Even I know that one.

Brana: I mean, this was not written by astrologer and it's very clear to see, at least from my perspective the articles that are written by astrologers and that are not. And it's okay.

But this is why there is also a lot of misinformation miscommunication when it comes to what is astrology capable of. And the most important thing [00:13:00] is that people really don't get to see the behind the scenes, right? The behind the scenes which really explains how it all works. Meaning, you know, when you see how complex it is, how complex the natal chart is, and then when you see how complex the calculations are and what do you need to know in order to put it all together into something that makes sense, then you understand that it actually has a signification, has a meaning, right.

But if you just say, okay, I'm just gonna read a daily horoscope and it may hit, or it may miss on different days then, that's not really what the story is about.

Laurin: yeah, yeah, yeah.

Brana: Because, you know Carl Gustav Jung has actually used astrology in his work and yeah.

Laurin: Really? I didn't know that.

Brana: Yeah, so he actually has a letter that he has written to someone and that letter has been preserved.

And he said, whenever it was, I think it was mid-fifties or something like that or thirties, but this letter says [00:14:00] that whenever he's not able to fully understand what's going on with the client, with his client. He looks at their chart, so he was able to calculate their chart. And so he says, he looks at their chart and he finds the answer.

Laurin: Hmm, wow.

Brana: And this is why I love astrology because a lot of the things, I mean immediately you can see certain things right then and there when you open a person's chart.

Laurin: Yeah.

Brana: And it's incredible, what kinds of things can come up.

Laurin: Hmm. All right. It's probably time for me to get a chart done. But explain a few things for me. So you also work with crystals and that's another area that I have probably a stronger fascination cuz it feels simpler to me.

Brana: I can talk crystals, you know?

Laurin: Yes. So first of all, how did you come to working with crystals?

Brana: [00:15:00] Oh, let me rewind back further, further back in the past. I had a natural connection with crystals in terms of crystal jewelry since I was a child whenever I would come across crystal jewelry, which at that time was not at all that accessible as it is today. But the way that I started working with crystals is.

I mean, seriously started is when I was in a very difficult professional situation that I was in a new town. I was in a new position and I was encountering some very strange energy, something that was really puzzling as to how difficult it was. I can't recall the first moment when I was like, okay, let me do this.

But what I do recall is the first three crystals that I started working with and also how much they have helped. And so that was definitely, that was definitely something that opened my, my eyes to that. So the first three crystals were clear [00:16:00] quarts, black tourmaline and garnet. So it was just absolutely amazing.

And then it started from there. Then I read everything I could. Then also today it is once again, because of the popularity of crystals, it is much more accessible in terms of the scientific explanation behind it. But when I started, there was not so much on that topic. So I was literally looking to find solutions in the places where I could access as a former academic at that time still in the academia.

So I was looking through the research on the energy of minerals on the chemical composition of mineral.

And so when you put all of that together, and of course, as I said today, this is much more well known, but when you put it together, you realize that of course, that it works because we are composed out of minerals. A lot of the crystals that we work with that we can hold or wear, they exist in [00:17:00] our bodies.

Laurin: Mm-hmm

Brana: So as we know about energy, right? Then we can understand that the frequency that exists, that all living being examinate, of course, it's going to influence us. Right. And this is just very brief.

I used to have these four-hour classes on crystals explaining all of that.

Laurin: Uhhuh.

Brana: Having people hold crystals experiencing things and fun stuff. I didn't actually remember

Laurin: Yeah, I, I took one of those classes with you where you taught us how to get information from crystals. And it was fascinating. And I, I still do that.

Brana: Yeah. Awesome.

Laurin: So for someone who's perhaps sort of interested in crystals, but hasn't really like delved into understanding them yet or how they can be used. I know that I'm intuitive I do everything first intuitively and then I'll start digging in to get more of an academic understanding.

Brana: That's a great way. Actually.

Laurin: Yeah. So for me, I told you before we started, I feel like there's just crystals that show up in my [00:18:00] office, cuz I don't know where they all came from. And my husband will come in and look around and kind of shake his head so, but there are some crystals that I Knew I had to have.

Brana: Yeah.

Laurin: And one of them is the necklace that I'm wearing today, which is Larama, it's one of the first purposeful purchases I made of crystals. And it was when I was trying to open my throat chakra.

So I could say what I needed to say. And I love it and I wear it a lot. And I know a lot about it because I very specifically chose it.

Brana: yeah, yeah.

Laurin: But for somebody who's maybe just starting out. You have the three crystals you started with. Are there crystals that you recommend to people who just wanna start to experience what crystals are about?

Brana: Yeah, absolutely. And I have on my free resources page on my website, I actually have crystals for beginners. There are 10 crystals. And then I explain why I'm recommending this particular 10, but I can certainly talk about [00:19:00] it now as well. So the easiest way to feel the energy of a crystal would be to go to a crystal shop or a place that has crystals.

And just walk around with intention of finding something that suits your energy in this moment. Right. If you want to set an intention, but sometimes people don't even have to set an intention. You just look around and then pick up the crystal that kind of draws your attention.

Sometimes it may be purely visual. Sometimes you may not be able to explain why, but you could pick it up and you hold it. And then usually people have some sort of a sensation. If this is a crystal that has drawn your attention, it is for a reason. And sometimes people have a physical sensation.

Sometimes it is some thought comes to their mind. Sometimes it is a sense of relaxation. So it is actually very, very easy to connect with crystals. But we have forgotten how easy it is. And we have forgotten that we are a [00:20:00] part of the natural world. I mean, the reason that this is surprising to people, both the astrology, which is about planets and planetary influences as well as crystals, which are actually part of the earth, they come out of the earth, right?

Just like the plants come out of the earth, which also means, and this is important to say not everything that is natural is good for us. Right. So there are crystals that are poisonous you don't want those just like plants, there are plants that are poisonous, you don't want those. So just being able to differentiate, and this is where the knowledge comes in. Right.

Laurin: Mm-hmm

Brana: But for the most part crystals that are sold in crystal shops are okay. And then if you have any doubts or you wanna check more on the crystal that you are interested in, of course there are tons of resources where you can read whether it's poisonous or not. But it's very, very simple to connect with crystals.

But if you want something more specific, so if you're like, I don't wanna go to the store. I don't wanna do all of that.

Laurin: Mm-hmm

Brana: Which I understand, some people might not wanna do, then you can just speak clear [00:21:00] quarts. Clear quarts would work for most people in clarifying their thoughts in bringing the increased energy, physical energy.

Laurin: mm-hmm.

Brana: And just being able to open you up to connect with your intuition a little bit more. And on top of that clear quarts can be used for many, many, many, many different reasons as well. It's one of the most versus the crystals. So at the same time, it is important to know that depending on where crystals come from, which part of the earth that can affect their energy. So clear quarts from Madagascar have a very different energy from clear quarts from the Himalayas.

Laurin: Okay. And that explains why I have multiple clear quarts because they all feel a little different to me.

Brana: Exactly.

Laurin: Interesting. I've been told when I get a new crystal, I should clear it. I should either wash it with clear water or put it in the moon shine. So, talk a little bit about clearing energy, because that's something that I know when I started. I didn't, understand why I had to do that. [00:22:00]

Brana: Yeah, there are a couple of different reasons why you would wanna do that. The first one is, especially for the crystals that are programmable. Not all of them are, but one that have let's say go clear quarts is programmable. Not to go into the whole theory, why some are some are not, but there is a big theory about why, why that is.

But let's say you get a clear quartz let's say, in a store. And so a lot of people have gone to that store been touching the crystal holding it, right. So the crystal has been exposed and has been resonating to many different energies. So it is simply a good crystal hygiene or energetic hygiene to clear the crystal from all the energies that it had potentially accumulate.

Laurin: Okay.

Brana: We will never know really, unless the crystal really feels off. And when you work with crystals, a lot of times you can tell when the crystal has accumulated a lot of energy, but it needs to be cleared. Even if it is your own crystal. Because you [00:23:00] are interacting with the energy of this crystal.

And even though crystals are much more stable in their energy than what our energy is, this is why they can help us. Right. We also at certain times can influence the energy of the crystal to resonate at a particular level. Right. And so this is why we wanna clear them. And for me, the best way, there are many ways to clear crystals.

And of course, a person has to do whatever they believe in. But for me, the best way to clear it is through water

Laurin: Okay.

Brana: And together with the water with intention.

Laurin: Mm-hmm yeah. And we've mentioned the intention a few times and I use that term a lot. So just for somebody who maybe hasn't. Learn the lingo yet. Just to be clear, an intention is simply stating either silently or out loud. This is what I wish from this experience. It's very simple, but very, very powerful.

Brana: Yeah.

Laurin: Now here's, my other question, [00:24:00] because now I'm really curious cuz I'm an intuitive healer and I do use crystals, but I do it entirely intuitively. You work with both astrology and crystals with your clients and I get the feeling from what I've read a little bit, you actually combine the two sometimes when you're working.

Brana: yeah. Yeah.

Laurin: How does that work?

Brana: Well, once again, the more, you know, the more intuition comes, right? So this is the first thing that they always in all my classes, I think all my students hear that again and again. So obviously today you can pick up a book and there will be a suggestion for this suggestion for that.

But some of these things are just somebody putting things together without really having an experience as a healer, without really having an experience as using all of these crystals in that particular way. And then of course you open the book and you're like, okay, but I have this problem and this problem and this problem and this problem, should I use all the crystals all the time?

How many pockets do I need? Right?

Laurin: Right. [00:25:00]

Brana: The answer to that is that is starts with one but to answer your question directly. How I work with the, I'm trying to just think of some very specific and easy example, how I work with crystals and how I combine them with astrology. Let's say that somebody has a very challenging astrological placement that causes their energy oftentimes to be quite easily unnerved or causes them to be irritated or irritable, or it doesn't have to be that this is in their natal chart.

It could be that they're going through a tough period. The specific influence of that tough period is irritation or anger, right? So they have a lot of fire. Whenever there is anger, there is a fire element, the Chinese traditional medicine.

So when we talk about traditional Chinese medicine, when we talk about fire element that is associated with joy, but what leads to that fire is anger, right? From the wood element. So in astrology, there is no wood element, but there is fire element. [00:26:00] And so with fire element, there is a lot of anger that can come up at certain times.

And so what we wanna do is to use a crystal that is going to reduce the level of that fire. Right. Not to dose it because we're not gonna be able to do that. And we don't want to do that. We don't wanna squash everything, but we do wanna regulate it. Right. Because we do need fire. We need all of the elements.

We need all of the emotions, but when something becomes excessive, then it is the problem. Right. And so we can see that through astrology when the period like that is coming for a particular person's life. And if they have an indication in their chart that they are predisposed to that, then I suggest particular crystal that we're going to counteract that. So this is just one example.

Laurin: Yeah. Yeah. No. That's great. That's great. Yeah, because we're always looking to bring balance. So that makes sense that you would wanna find a crystal that would, [00:27:00] balance the anger, the fire, but not extinguish it, like you said, we need fire

Brana: Exactly.

Laurin: But we don't need excessive fire or explosive fire.

Brana: Exactly. Yeah.

Laurin: I'm really fascinated. You've been at this far longer than I have in terms of working with clients to help them be better, feel better. So I'm really, really fascinated. I'm gonna have to, spend some more time with my crystals and, dig into some astrology.

I happen to know a person who's really good at it. So so I can bring some more things to my own practice. Alright. I think it's time for our rapid-fire questions.

Brana: Okay.

Laurin: And these are just whatever comes to you first is the best answer. You don't have to work hard for this. And Brana asked me to add one. She doesn't know the four that I usually ask, but I did add one at her request. So we'll save that one for last. Who is, or was the wisest person in your life?

Brana: All the [00:28:00] teachers that came before me.

Laurin: Hmm.

Brana: Really, because I have learned from so many people in so many different ways. I have learned from books that would mysteriously open up to just the right page when I need something. And that was, I remember my mom used to go to the libraries a lot.

And so I would go even as a child before, well, actually I learned to read quite early, but before I was able to become a member, like you could not in Serbia, become a member before you reach a certain age. So it was just really weird. I find it really weird and I hope that they changed it since then, but I remember like I couldn't wait.

So while my mom is doing something there, I would just open up a book and I would see what would come up. There would be a sentence. And that would just continue throughout my life. And so there were many, many moments where I was all struck with what I learned just in that moment while my mom was doing something or talking to a librarian.

So this would be like really hard to just choose one person. Or, and then the same thing with teachers,[00:29:00] I was a musician and I had a lot of music teachers in my life. Just like, even if we focus just on that. And some of them were not that great. Some of them did not really have this pedagogical impulse or inspiration or joy when they were teaching.

And I learned from them how not to be that. And so when I became a teacher, I was implementing the opposite of that,

Laurin: Right. Yeah. It's amazing. How often in my life I've done things because I didn't want to be like somebody else that I had been in my life.

Brana: So they're also great teachers, right?

Laurin: Mm-hmm yep. Yep. Okay. So the next question is what's your favorite self-care practice?

Brana: Definitely walking through a forest. If I could access to swimming in the sea that is beautiful, clear, calm…

Laurin: Mm-hmm

Brana: Then that would be my second best, because that used to be my reality every summer when I was growing up in Belgrade.

Laurin: Okay. Nice. what lights you up when you're feeling down?

Brana: When I can [00:30:00] make somebody laugh.

Laurin: Yep.

Brana: Even though I cannot tell a joke, if you paid me, I still try. So definitely that definitely I mean, that's the first thing and the easiest thing that can change my mood.

Laurin: Yes. Okay, great. And do you have a favorite mantra or affirmation?

Brana: Not really, but what I remember from childhood that brought me a lot of calmness and that must have come from my parents is everything will be okay. Everything is okay and everything will be okay.

Laurin: Mm-hmm, that's a good one. I have one very, very similar to that, that I use quite a lot. All right. And then the requested one, favorite food.

Brana: So, this is just for all of you who may know me or may meet me at some time and wanna wanna maybe bring me that kind of food. So [00:31:00] watermelon.

Laurin: Oh, yum. Okay. So, as a Southerner, I have to ask, do you eat watermelon with salt or without salt?

Brana: Without

Laurin: Oh, Nope. That's sacrilegious.

Brana: Thankfully I'm not this Southerner style.

Laurin: I know.

Brana: So I knew I will be in trouble.

Laurin: Yeah. I grew up in the deep south and we had watermelon at my grandmother's house in the summer all the time. And all of us had our own shaker of salt to go with it. It's delicious.

Brana: That is amazing. I may try that. I may try that

Laurin: it's, it's good. I, I love watermelon. I will eat it without salt, but it is better with it. So just saying All right. Can you let our listeners know where they can find you online?

Brana: Yes, you can find me on So that will be my name. And you will find it in [00:32:00] the listener's notes or the transcript. Right. Because I don't wanna spell it right now. And then you can, because nobody cares. Right. Who's gonna now take a pen and write it down. I mean, everybody knows it's gonna be in the comment.

Laurin: Yeah. Yeah. It'll be on the transcript and in the comments? Yes. Or the, the show notes. Yes, absolutely.

Brana: Yeah. And so if you have at all been intrigued by what we've been talking about today, there is so much more, and I have a resources page with lots of other interviews, free things that I have written about that I have talked about, about crystals, about astrology. So you can find much more there.

And then, if you're interested in how you can apply some of these things through your own life, you can sign up for my new moon and full moon report that comes out every new moon and every full moon

Laurin: Mm-hmm

Brana: Which is basically just twice a month. And that's on the front page of my website and for the new subscribers, there is actually a gift. And the gifting close the crystals [00:33:00] for Mercury Retrograde.

Laurin: Mm, always, always a trying time.

Brana: Yes,

Laurin: Especially with technology.

Brana: Oh, absolutely. That's why we are having this interview now and not during that time.

Laurin: Yes. Yes. Brana actually said, I wanna wait until after Mercury retrograde. So we had done that. Brana is a great teacher. I've only taken one of her workshops, but it was amazingly insightful and experiential, which for me is very important.

So that piece of it was really, really good. So if you are able to, or interested in taking classes with her, I highly recommend her as a teacher. She's really excellent.

Brana: Thank you Laurin. So I do have the Astro-mentorship class just to mentioned that if after all of this somebody wants to learn more about astrology and the way that this is different from the typical classes that they're currently offered by many people is that this is one on one class where we start with what you know, what you don't know, because a lot of people come in with [00:34:00] different levels of knowledge, have different types of holes in their knowledge and say I really wanna make sure I used to teach group classes and they were amazing and wonderful.

And I loved them. But this is the time where I really wanna focus on the person who wants to learn. And then we go at their own pace and learn about what they wanna learn about. Right.

Laurin: That’s awesome. That's awesome. Thank you for, for letting us know about that.

Brana: Of course.

Laurin: All right. Well, I wanna thank Brana for being here with me today. This has been a lot of fun and eye opening and so much wisdom that she has to share. I really appreciate that. And I wanna thank the listeners for being here as always.

This is what we do this for I would encourage you if you have ideas about things you would like to have us talk about or people that you would like to have me interview, please leave it in the reviews on apple podcast, or you can find my email address at and feel free to email me and we'll have a chat.

I love to [00:35:00] chat with people. Thank you for being with us today. Have a beautiful day and I will see you next Tuesday with another episode of Curiously Wise.

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Please head over to my website. Curiously Wise is a team effort. I am grateful for the skill and enthusiasm Arlene Membrot, our producer and Sam Wittig, our audio engineer bring to this collaboration. Our music is Where the Light Is by Lemon Music Studio.

I'm Laurin Wittig. Please join me again [00:36:00] next week for another episode of Curiously Wise. From my heart to yours, may your life be filled with love, light, joy, and of course, curiosity.

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