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Transcript Interview Episode with Elaine Starling

Elaine: [00:00:00] What are you focusing on? Because you can focus on all the things that don't work in your life, and that tends to shut you down and close you down and put you into protective mode. Or you can focus on all the things that are working in your life and all of a sudden more things start to work for you in your life more and more and more and more.

Laurin: Hello friends and welcome back to Curiously Wise, Practical Spirituality in Action. And today I have somebody who is really all about that, even though when I invited her here, I didn't know that was what I was gonna be focusing on this year. So, Elaine Starling is here with me.

She interviewed me not too long ago for her podcast, so please go look at that. We will link to it in the, show notes cuz I, we had a blast. Lemme just give you her bio and then we'll, we will go right into our conversation. Elaine Starling, the Abundance Ambassador, guess what we're gonna talk about today, is a sought [00:01:00] after TEDx speaker, international speaker, coach, trainer, and successful entrepreneur.

Elaine's unusual spiritual awakening prompted her to help people who crave spiritual growth to clearly receive divine messages so they achieve the financial abundance they want. Elaine leads fellow travelers on the abundance journey, a six-week experience, sharing proven business strategies with personal development and spiritual insights that generate abundance.

And we'll have all of her contact information at the end and in the show notes. But Elaine, thank you for being here. I'm so happy we get to have another conversation.

Elaine: I know we had such a blast. We were chatting, chatting, having like, you know, if we're not careful, we're gonna be doing this all day cause it's just way too much fun.

Laurin: Yes, yes. So, it's so I'm really, really very excited that we were able to set up yet another one. So, I do wanna talk about abundance today because that's, that's your jam. It's something I've been learning about in terms of [00:02:00] bringing it into my life in an active way. In an intentional way.

So, let's just start with, what do you mean by abundance?

Elaine: I love talking about that because so many people have this one-dimensional thinking around abundance. They think it is a thing. They think it is money. And it's all an external thing. So, what I want you to do right now is think about something that just lights you up.

Like, if only I could get that trip to Fiji. If only I had that incredible car in my driveway. If only I had this amazing house. If only I had this awesome guy in my life, or gal, whatever. As you are imagining that, what's the emotion that comes up for you? And sink into that feeling of possibility of potential.

Of just this unlimited opportunity coming your way, because I, that's an energy [00:03:00] that I call yeah, baby energy. It's where you're just so psyched, you're so stoked. And it doesn't matter what shows up because it's like you're in this room just full of presence. It doesn't matter where you start, you know, everything's gonna be absolutely freaking awesome.

And when you're in that space and you can show up with that level of engagement and excitement and compassion, you're actually showing compassion for yourself and compassion for others. When you show up in that interested, engaged way, everything shifts for you because instead of looking at all the things that are not working in your life, you start looking at the things that are working and you stop obsessing over trying to control everything, you know?

It's really funny. One of the biggest mistakes I see people make, they're like, okay, I want more abundance in my life. Things are gonna change. I'm gonna get that energy moving and it's time to just, yeah, I'm gonna suck up all this abundance. It's just, and then the energy starts to move and they freak [00:04:00] themselves out.

They're like, I'm gonna go back to the old way and hang on for dear life because I know what to expect. And I can control that. This new energy coming my way feels a little uncomfortable. Yeah. And when you get comfortable with the discomfort, that's when you're in a power space because you don't have to control anything.

The divine is actually working on your behalf to help you create everything you want. And when you are able to show up, just enjoying your life and interested and curious, and engaged and celebrating life, that's when even more shows up for you to celebrate. So, I know it's a very long-winded answer to what do you mean by abundance?

Abundance is a feeling that you feel that is an indication you are on the path to experiencing everything you want. It's an inside game that then manifests on the outside, and that's where a lot of [00:05:00] people don't understand what's going on.

Laurin: Yeah. Yeah. I had an experience that you, you made me think about with that because I was in graduate school in New Orleans.

I was 22, 23 and it was a spring day in New Orleans, which means it was still pretty warm, but I had all the windows in my car, you know, rolled down. I was on my way home from, from a class that I had really enjoyed, and I was just filled with euphoria. It was the most beautiful day I felt my life was really in a great place.

I was so happy just being me. And it wasn't long after that that I met the man that I ended up marrying, you know? And I wasn't, I was no longer looking for, you know, a partner. I wasn't looking for a boyfriend. I wasn't, I just was so happy being me. And I feel like it magnetized this amazing life that I've had.

Elaine: Yeah, it does.

Laurin: Just that one moment. So, yeah, but that, I mean, that was [00:06:00] such an abundant moment, but it was an abundance of joy. You know?

Elaine: Exactly. Exactly. And you know, it's really interesting you say that. So I have to share, I did have this profound spiritual experience on New Year's day 2005. I was on vacation in New Zealand and I had a stroke.

And during my stroke I had a conversation with the Divine and I got a complete download on how everything works and why we're actually alive. What we can do to live our best lives and what happens next after this life. And I always say, don't worry about that part. It's actually a graduation.

It's not an ending, it's a continuation. So don't freak out about it. Pay attention to the right now, cuz this is really what you're supposed to be paying attention to, so don't freak yourself out. And the thing that's so incredible, I still continue to get downloads and I still continue to get a lot of guidance all the time, and I always experience the divine.

As effervescent joy. Just over the top. Happy, excited, delight, and thrilled, [00:07:00] silly, outrageous. They're constantly after me to lighten the hell up, honey. You know, it's supposed to be fun, but you quit tying yourself in knots. It's just so unnecessary. I'm like, ok. Alright.

Laurin: So yeah, joy, that's my experience too. It's like, you know, if they can make you laugh.

Elaine: Spirit has a sense of humor. Huge. Huge.

Laurin: Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So that, that helps us understand what you mean by abundance and how we can experience it. If we just search for that, that joy, or allow that joy, then we are gonna magnetize what, what's, you know, what Spirit wants us to have. But we can intention what we would like to have too. Right?

Elaine: Absolutely. In fact, I talk a bit about that in my TEDx talk which is called Abundance is a Choice. And as of this recording, there's a little over 280,000 views. My goal is 10 million views. Because a lot of people don't know [00:08:00] what they can control when it comes to creating abundance in their life.

And if you're going through life by default, unfortunately, human conditioning, we tend to default towards a poverty mindset and a poverty experience. And so, I share the two foundational things that allow you to create an abundance experience and an abundance mindset in your life. The first one, actually, I talk about it backwards, but the first one is intention.

It's how you want to feel in the present moment. And remember I was talking about the need to control everything and be in charge of everything, that's closing you down. And that's limiting how much the divine can support you. And when instead you're receptive and you're just open to whatever comes and you know that it's a blessing for you somehow.

It's kind of like a scavenger hunt or an Easter egg game. It's like, okay, I know it's here somewhere, I just gotta pay attention and look under the rocks and you know, I'll find it when I look for it. When you have that kind of a playful engagement in your [00:09:00] intention, it opens you up. And then the second part is your attention.

What are you focusing on? Because you can focus on all the things that don't work in your life, and that tends to shut you down and close you down and put you into protective mode or you can focus on all the things that are working in your life and all of a sudden more things start to work for you in your life more and more and more and more.

So those are the two things that you really control. And it's very interesting to catch yourself and go, hmm, what kind of intention is that? What am I, is it really a positive, supportive attention thing. Am I looking at how I'm growing through this or am I chastising myself again? Hmm. Yeah. Just being aware makes a big difference.

Laurin: So, intention and attention, yes. There's the, the saying, I'm sure you've heard it, and I don't know who, who coined it in the first place, but where attention goes, abundance flows. Yeah. [00:10:00] So, or I guess it's where, where energy goes, abundance flows. Yes. I think that's the actual one, but it's quite a, the same thing.

But yeah, I love that one and I didn't understand it for the longest time and, and so that positive mindset is really important. Really important. And part of it is because I and I talk to my clients about this a lot. That little voice in the, in your head, that's not very nice to you, that's your ego, you know? Spirit is always kind and, and funny, and joyful, and they're never going to like say you, you're not worthy. That's your ego. So, yeah.

Elaine: Yeah. Could I share another concept that I, I teach with people?

Laurin: Please.

Elaine: One of the messages that I received is that love is the blood of the divine. Love is the blood of the divine, and you are the beating heart of the divine. You are pulling and pushing love through the [00:11:00] divine all the time.

Nourishing and replenishing and expanding the divine. Think about it this way, from the divine perspective, everything is love. Everything. Everything is love. It doesn't matter. From our perspective, it could be a massive disaster. It could mean death for people, and we think, oh, that's horrible. But from a huge higher perspective, the divine perspective, it's all love, all of it.

But in order for the divine to expand, how do you create more love when you already know that everything is love? You have to create beings, human beings that can pretend that there is an a situation where there isn't enough love. Where we have duality, you know, right and wrong. Good and bad, hot and cold.

Yes and no. And because we have that duality, we have the ability to pretend that not everything is love. And when we're willing to show up as more love in the moment for ourselves and for others. When [00:12:00] we're willing to notice the love that's present, even when it's not obvious, especially when it's not obvious. And when we're willing to come together to collaborate, to create even more love in the moment, which is exactly what we're doing right now.

Is what the divine wants because that is how the divine expands. Humanity is the cutting edge of the divine. So, when you understand how this works, you realize you're in partnership with the Divine. It's not like you're down here and the Divine is up there. No, no, no, no, no, no. You are in partnership with the divine.

And they have a vested interest in you succeeding. So, it's almost like there's this stadium of light and you're busy in the stadium playing and there's all these angels going, come on, you can do it. Let's go. You got this hint. They're celebrating you all the time. Yeah. Cause they actually see your growth. When you don't, they do.

Laurin: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I've actually had [00:13:00] that experience a couple of times on my journey and that's, that's exactly the way it felt like I was just surrounded in a stadium of full of angels going, yes, breakthrough. Yes. Yeah.

Elaine: I always talk about a lot of different books and I know you're gonna ask me a question later, but there is a book out there you really need to read if you haven't read it. It's called Hiring the Heavens.

And it's a charming book. It's a short read. It's very easy to read. Hiring the Heavens. And the woman who wrote the book talks about how you can hire angels, you can put together angel committees, and they're really bored. There's a lot of angels and they don't have a lot going on, and they're looking for some fun stuff to do, and there's nothing they like more than helping you out.

But you have to ask them and it helps if you ask them out loud. And they work cheap. They work for thank yous. They do. So, gratitude is where it's at, baby. And so yeah, you can hire the heavens, you can hire an angel for [00:14:00] transportation. You know when you've gotta go across town and the weather's not great. You can hire angels to help you with your copywriting.

You can hire angels to find the perfect guest for your podcast. You can hire angels to do all kinds of things. And I love suggesting this to people who really don't believe it. They think it's just hogwash, you know, there's no way. And then they try it like half-heartedly. And things work, and they're like, yeah really? Really! It's all set up to help you really.

Laurin: And I'm just gonna plug something of my own right here, because I have just created a course, a video course called Connect: Communicating with Your Guides. Angels are guides and we talk a, I talk a lot about that. And my favorite one is that I have a, a standing request that I boost every now and then for easy left turns.

Elaine: Oh yeah.

Laurin: How silly it can be.

Elaine: Yes. Yes. And it's anything, yeah. Anything and everything. They love it!

Laurin: I know a lot of people who ask for good parking places, you know? Yes. You know? Mm-hmm. [00:15:00] Yeah. I don't like to pa, I don't like to shop, so I have one particular angel who volunteered to be my shopper. And I literally will go, this is what I need. Let me know when you find it. And then I get this inspirational, I gotta go right now. You know? There it is.

Elaine: Yeah. And it's true. It's true. It's true. That definitely happens. It does. Yeah. It's great. And it's really fun because it's so playful. It's very playful. It's people and it's silly and it's just humorous. I mean, if you can have a sense of humor and play with it, then it works that much better. And always say thank you. Always say thank you.

Laurin: Oh, yeah. Yeah. I, I'm constantly kind of looking up going, thanks, you know? Yeah. That gratitude piece is really, is very powerful. And it's a good practice for us to be grateful with other people too. So.

Elaine: Absolutely. Absolutely.

Laurin: One of the things that you, you talk about is what the divine wants you to know. Well, not about abundance. The often surprising ways abundance shows up.

Elaine: Oh [00:16:00] boy. Abundance shows up in the most bizarre ways. So, I have an example that I'll share with you. So, I keep hearing about how important meditation is, how it helps lower your blood pressure, and it's really good for your health and wellbeing.

It improves longevity, it improves a lot of different things in your life. And I haven't been meditating and I've been exploring different options and none of 'em really grabbed me. While I was reading a book, of course I read a lot of books. Really good book called The Surprising Language of Feelings.

And in the Surprising Language of Feelings, which is another good book I recommend. The author talked about a practice called the Ishaya Ascension Meditation Practice, I S H A Y A, Ishaya Ascension Meditation Practice. And for some reason I just got this ping as soon as I saw that in the book. I mean, there's, it's like three words in the entire book, and I just ping, go [00:17:00] online and I'm Googling about it.

And I found some information. Well, I wanted to know more, and they had an orientation, online orientation call. So, I signed up and as it happened, the people that responded to my request were in Wisconsin or something like this, and it's freezing cold outside. It was middle of winter, and they all bundled up and stuff.

They're inside, but you can tell it's, you know, a chilly, chilly day. And so, they're giving me the, the thing, and I kind of told 'em a little bit about my experience and how I am guided. I am guided to everything. And so, I knew that I needed to start meditation and I knew I would be guided to it, and I knew this could be a good connection.

And so, I was curious and they took me through some different exercises and it was so fun. And so natural that I'm like, wow, I really wanna get the training done. I don't, I'm in California. I don't really wanna travel right now with the airlines. All problems in the winter, and all these flights being canceled.

I'm like, ma'am, this is gonna be a [00:18:00] trick. So the next day, I get an email from the guy that I spoke with, with the orientation and he sent me a link to a group that was teaching right near me the next weekend. Yeah, the next weekend. And so, I signed up immediately. And I just finished getting the training in that meditation and I love this meditation technique that really works for me.

Very exciting. And by meeting the other people who are there, a small group of people and just sharing kind of who I am and what I'm up to. A bunch of 'em are really interested in finding out more and they wanna watch my TED talk and they wanna learn about my program and, and that's how it happens.

Yeah. Okay. So often people think, well, I'd really like to have a New York Times bestseller. And then tomorrow they're like, where's my New York Times bestseller?

Laurin: It's like, have you read, have you written the book yet?

Elaine: Yeah. Right, right. So, there are a sequence of things that happen. And everything [00:19:00] naturally morphs and rolls into something else.

And you get more and more opportunities to show up. Right? That's really what it's about, is you showing up as you, that is what is most needed right now is to you, you to be your full self.

Laurin: Hmm. Yeah. So true. So true. That's, I mean, that's, I have, I have some folks in my life who are, who are on a spiritual journey, and, and some of them are further along than me, but they don't wanna have to do anything.

You know, like, they don't wanna have to be a healer. They don't wanna have to do, you know, and I say you just have to be yourself. Yeah. Be yourself. Shine your light. That's all you have to do. I mean, really, that's really all you have to do. If you wanna do more, that's great, but that's, if you know, that may be what you came here to do is just be a light. Fine. Do that.

Elaine: So, and that's like a really great setup for you to ask me about the book I'm gonna [00:20:00] share with you.

Laurin: Ok, well let's, it's like a really good setup. Perfect. Then we'll go ahead and do it now. Cuz one of the questions that I'm, I'm asking, or the question I'm asking this season in 2023 at the, well at the end, this is not technically the end, don't leave because we have something fun coming up.

Elaine: We do.

Laurin: What book had the most impact on you? You've already given us a couple.

Elaine: No, I know. Well, I'm a bookaholic, so what can I say? I love this book Connected: The Surprising Power of our Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives. Connected.

There's, there's little fishies on the front. Yeah. Okay. It's been out for a while Connected: The Surprising Power of our Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives. Now, what I love about this book, love, love. It's written by a couple of guys who are college professors and they did a ton of research to try to figure out what kind of impact do we have on each other and who we hang out with.

Does it really make a difference? You've always heard that your income is comparable to the top five [00:21:00] people you spend the most time with, so you know how, how legit is that? They came up with something called the Three Degrees of Influence Rule. And the way the Three Degrees of Influence Rule, if you imagine you have a bullseye and you're at the center of a bullseye, it turns out that you have influence over your friends, friends, friends, three levels away from them.

You probably think you have influence over your friends, and maybe they talk about you to somebody else. Hmm. Three levels, three levels away from you. I was like, wow, that's pretty cool. But what does that mean? Like quantity? What does that look, how many people are we talking about here? Because I don't think I know that many people.

So, I got online and I asked Dr. Google and she found a recently published article in the New York Times that cited some research that says the average American knows about 600 people. And I thought, what? That's, that's a lot of people. Wow. Thing guy knows the clever of people. And I talked to a couple of friends and they're like, oh, that's really low.

You know way more than I was like, okay, I didn't [00:22:00] do the math. They did the math. Let's pretend that that's the real number. Okay. And just see what that looks like. So going back to our bullseye, here you are in the middle of the bullseye, and that first ring are those 600 people that you know. Well, every single one of those 600 people knows 600 people.

That's 360,000 people. and every single one of those 360,000 people know 600 people. That's 217 million people. And according to the authors of Connected: The Surprising Power of our Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives, every single thing you think, feel, say, or do, ripples out to 217,360,600 people just by you being you.

Now, that's not freaky. Now we're going to get freaky. I like Freaky. Freaky is so fun.

Laurin: I do too, I just love freaky is usually where the best stuff is.

Elaine: I know. So, so I love this because, okay, this is page, God, I can't even read this. [00:23:00] The type is so tiny. Oh. But if you get, if you get the actual physical book, it's on page 51.

Okay. So, it turns out that if you, when you are having a good day, you are so powerful that the people in that first ring, that 600 people that you know are 15% more likely to have a good day just cuz you are having a good day.

Laurin: Wow.

Elaine: And that 360,000 people in your second ring, they're 10% more likely to have a great day just cuz you are having a great day. And those 217 million people that you're convinced, there's no way you know and there's not a way in the world you have any impact over them.

They are 6% more likely to have a great day just cuz you are having a great day. And don't worry about it when you're not having a great day. Cuz it's kinda like dodge ball. Everybody's like, oh, I don't think so. I don't want any of that. Thank you.

Laurin: I'm just taking the good stuff.

Elaine: Yeah, they only want the good stuff. So, it's really easy because that is [00:24:00] your innate nature. You being you ignites everyone around you and you don't have to do something special. That is actually before you get on social media. Isn't that interesting?

Laurin: Yes. Yes.

Elaine: Isn't that interesting? You can see why I love this book because I also wanna reassure you that when you are having a bad day, remember how many people you're connected to and not everybody in that group is having a bad day.

There's a lot of people that are having a good day. In fact, Laurin and I are connected. Our energy’s connected now, and because you are listening to this, your energy is connected to us too. So, anytime you're having a tough time, just ping our energy and we'll lift you up. It's that easy. It's that easy.

Laurin: Yeah, yeah. And I can tell you, watching either of our podcasts, whether it's this episode or others, this is the kind of energy we both generate. So, if you need an uplifting, it's just, you know, why not try it?

Elaine: We're handy. We're handy. [00:25:00] Us and the angels, you know? It's a two-part.

Laurin: Yes, absolutely. So, you know how things come in themes through your life, you know?

Like one week there'll just be something that comes back, and comes back and comes back. And this particular idea, although not at that, I had no idea the numbers of that, but I've been talking with guests and on other podcasts and about how one of the little things I do to bring my practical spirit into the world.

Spirituality into the world is, and, and my favorite example is being in the grocery store, standing in line, waiting to check out when it's busy and people are getting grumpy and the kids are getting restless. And the person who's checking out is going slower and slower because they're getting more and more of this like, you know, kind of energy on them.

And of course I tend to get wrapped up in it at first, just kind of, cuz you're standing in it, you're in the midst of all this. But that intention and attention thing comes in and I go, okay, wait, I, I have something I can give everybody and [00:26:00] I'll put my hand on my heart, take a good deep breath, make sure I'm grounded, think something you know about something good that happened the day, or just something that makes me smile, or just something that lifts me up a little bit.

And just breathing often is enough to do that. And then I kind of turn and look at the person behind me and say, hey, how you doing? With a smile. And when I get up to the, the checkout person, you know, they may have been having a grumpy person dealing with. I go, you know, you look like you handled that beautifully.

Yeah. And they start to smile. And then when I'm done with them, they're smiling at the person behind me, you know?

Elaine: Absolutely.

Laurin: And who knows how many times that get passed down that line. Yeah. But then now I know that it also spreads to all the people that are connected to those people. Yeah. And this is just something I started doing several years ago as a practice.

How can I lift myself? What can I do for others? And it's that, it's, it, it's, wow. It's more powerful than I thought. [00:27:00]

Elaine: It really is. It's kind of like the pay it forward. Yeah. If you've ever gone to a coffee shop or something and they tell you, oh, your coffee was already paid for by the person in front of you.

And then so you buy coffee for the person behind you. It's that kind of perpetual chain that uplifts everybody, because it's just out of the goodness of your heart and it's because you are being the fullness of who you are. And it's so easy to get trapped in the day-to-day God I should, ought to, can't.

Frustration, all of that, that builds up. It's passing. It's really easy to get trapped there. Yeah. And then to just reorient into what's my intention here? How do I truly wanna feel? Yeah. I wanna get that yeah, baby energy going. And guess what? When I give it, that's when I get it.

Laurin: Yeah. Right. Absolutely. Absolutely. It's, it's a feedback loop. It's a positive feedback loop.

Elaine: Very positive.

Laurin: Even my puppy dog will you [00:28:00] know, recognize that and, and get wound up as well. So, wow. Good stuff. Good stuff. All right. Would you like to do an activation and abundance activation for us. This is something that Elaine does on her podcast regularly, and I asked her if she would do, do one for us so that you can see the power of this.

And before you do that, I want you to just talk about what you mean by activation.

Elaine: Okay? So, it's kind of like you have a spigot that you can turn on. Okay? There are things that you can do that bring abundance into your life. And this is a simple five step process that I call activate abundance because whenever you do this, it gets you into that yeah, baby potential energy and it activates the people that you're connecting with.

So, you can do this, and I want you to do this all the time. When you're talking to yourself, when you're doing stuff all by yourself, when you're with [00:29:00] other people, when you're thinking about a project that you're about to work on, you can activate the project and it's amazing how everything shifts for you.

You end up in flow. You're just in delight and wonder, and you can let it unfold perfectly. You can rest in the not knowing and be totally comfortable with not knowing what's coming, just knowing that it's all blessings for you. So that's the gift that I have for you and I, I have a free gift as well, but this is the experience that I wanna create with you.

So, I'll model it for you, but I really want you to do this all the time. Activate abundance, five steps. The first one is gratitude. Gratitude is the doorway that opens you for everything you want. So, you could feel grateful right now in this moment that you're connecting with Laurin and me, but we're connecting our energy.

That you're connected to 217,360,600 people who can all support you and boost your energy. [00:30:00] Okay? So, there's lots for you to be grateful for. Step into any of it and just get that, wow, this is so cool feeling going. Okay? That's step one. Feel gratitude.

Step two, acknowledge something you just heard that you feel could make a difference in your life. Perhaps it's intentions and just how powerful your intention is and how easy it is to notice where your intention's going. If you didn't know that that was a foundational part to experience all the abundance that you want in your life, that's a really good thing to know. That intention can make a massive difference. So that's what we're gonna acknowledge. Step two, acknowledge something that could make a difference in your life.

Step three, appreciate just how big a difference it can make. How significant an impact this can have on your life. Because if you didn't realize just how connected you are, if you didn't realize what [00:31:00] a huge difference you make in the world, just by showing up as yourself.

You might not think that your intention was all that important. But now that you have this context of how you are actually helping shape the world you want to experience through your intention, now you will choose an intention that is empowering and uplifting and expansive instead of, I want total control.

I want complete certainty, I want a guarantee, and I better win the lottery tomorrow. And you know, all that stuff that you don't have control over. Pick the stuff you do have control over, which is being receptive and open to the blessings that can show up for you without knowing exactly what they're going to be.

It's a surprise party, honey. It's a surprise. So, enjoy the surprise. Okay? That is the third step is to appreciate just how big a difference you can experience in your life when you take advantage of this thing that you [00:32:00] just acknowledged.

Step four is to activate it. Now, there are two options when it comes to activation. If it's something that actually can be put on your calendar, you go to your calendar and you schedule it like you're always gonna listen to Laurin's podcast, or maybe you'll always check out my podcast. You know, both of them, stuff like that. Okay? That you can put on a calendar. Otherwise, you wanna trigger.

So, you wanna have something where maybe you've got like, I like to touch my ear lobe, play with my earrings a little bit, and it's a reminder to me what's my intention in the moment? Ooh, right, open, receptive, welcoming. That's really important to me to be welcoming in the moment.

So, when I'm in that space, all I have to do is touch my earlobe or play with my earring a little bit, and it immediately triggers me and reminds me to check on my intention and make sure that that's the kind of intention I really wanna be [00:33:00] having, so that I can quickly adapt if I'm being a little too.

This is not going the way I want to. I'm gonna check my poll and go home, and I have to go, no, I gotta step into this. I gotta be present for this. I'm gonna show up for this and welcome in whatever the blessing is. I don't have to know what it is in advance. Then everything shifts, but I have to do that little ear tug to remind me. Okay, so that's step four is to activate about it.

Step five, celebrate your progress. Yes, you're not gonna have the New York Times bestseller tomorrow. I'm sorry. It's not gonna happen. But what is happening is you have adopted a baby step that opens everything for you. Now you're hiring the heavens. You've got angels working on your behalf.

You're connecting to Laurin and my energy. You're uplifting yourself. You're empowering 270,360,600 people with every single thing you think, feel, say, and do. How awesome are you? [00:34:00] It freaking rock, honey. Bring it on.

Laurin: I love that. I, I love that whole process. It's just, yeah. And you, and you deliver it with such lovely energy.

Elaine: Well, again, silly is important.

Laurin: Yeah, no.

Elaine: Because what happens when you're silly? It shows people that you're comfortable in who you are, right? Yeah. You're in the moment. Yeah. You're celebrating life. And it's so magnetic. It's so appealing. People want more of that. Yeah. Yeah. But yeah, be willing to be silly and playful. Oh yeah. It's, it's delightful.

Laurin: Yeah. It, and it gives other people permission to be silly too. Very true. You know, which is, is a gift. It's a gift. All right. Wow. That's a great way to, to come to a, almost the end of our conversation here.

Let us tell the, the folks listening and, and watching, cuz we're on YouTube this year too, where they can find you [00:35:00] and you said that you had a freebie, so let them know about that. And I also think you have like a six-week thing we mentioned in your bio. So just…

Elaine: I do. Wow. Lots of stuff happening. Okay, so I will make sure that Laurin has all of the information and all of the links for you.

I do have the TEDx talk. Abundance is a choice. I would love it if you'd watch the talk and it would be really great if you liked it. If you would like it, comment, share it with everybody you know, cuz I truly want to make sure that over 10 million people around the world watch this simply because they need to know what they control to create more abundance in the world and in their lives.

Okay? So please, please, please watch the TEDx talk. And then also I have my my program is at, and when you go to, at the top there is an navigation bar and one of them says Program. And if you click on that, you'll find [00:36:00] information about the program. And there's also a link to the podcast, so you can link on that, and you can either watch the video or you can listen to the podcast, either one.

So, it's all in one place and wow, what a delight. I hate it when we're done talking, Laurin. I know. I just wanna keep going.

Laurin: I know. There will be other times.

Elaine: Oh, I'm sure of it. Absolutely.

Laurin: Well, I, we ha, we've had more fun than I expected and I expected a lot. So, it's, I I just love your energy. I have to say, I just love your energy and I always feel uplifted.

This is the third or fourth time we've, we've had a chance to talk and it's just such a delight to be in your, in your presence. So, thank you. Thank you for sharing that with me and we can share it with all of each other's people, all of those. God, no, I feel like I've got like this millions of people behind you.

Elaine: You're connecting baby.

Laurin: Seriously. Connecting. I knew I was connecting. I just had no idea what the quantity of that was.

Elaine: Yeah. [00:37:00] Surprising.

Laurin: So, yeah. And, and thank you for all the book suggestions, cuz now I get, I gotta go, you know, spend some more money on Amazon.

I am a bookaholic too. So, I wanna thank everybody who's listening or watching this for joining Elaine and I here at Curiously Wise, and I hope that you've had fun. I've hope that you've learned something. I hope you have been activated and that you will use that five-step process to keep activating yourself.

We're here every Tuesday on the podcast. We have new episodes out. Sometimes they're just me and sometimes you get great conversations with other people too. And all of it is high vibration. That's what I wanna say. It's always high vibration here. So, thank you for joining us. I will see you next time and stay curious.

Thank you so much for joining us today on Curiously Wise. If you [00:38:00] enjoyed this episode, please be sure to subscribe so you don't miss future fabulous conversations. And if you had any ahas, please share them in a review on apple podcasts so we can continue to pay forward the unique wisdom we all have.

If you want to know more about me or my intuitive energy healing practice Heartlight Wellness please head over to my website

Curiously Wise is a team effort. I am grateful for the skill and enthusiasm. Arlene Membrot, our producer, and Sam Wittig, our audio engineer bring to this collaboration. Our music is Where the Light Is by Lemon Music Studio.

I'm Laurin Wittig, please join me again next week for another episode of Curiously Wise. From my heart to yours, may your life be filled with love, light, joy, and of course, curiosity.

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