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Transcript Interview Episode with Elaine Starling

Listen to full episode here

Elaine: [00:00:00] What are you focusing on? Because you can focus on all the things that don't work in your life, and that tends to shut you down and close you down and put you into protective mode. Or you can focus on all the things that are working in your life and all of a sudden more things start to work for you in your life more and more and more and more.

Laurin: Hello friends and welcome back to Curiously Wise, Practical Spirituality in Action. And today I have somebody who is really all about that, even though when I invited her here, I didn't know that was what I was gonna be focusing on this year. So, Elaine Starling is here with me.

She interviewed me not too long ago for her podcast, so please go look at that. We will link to it in the, show notes cuz I, we had a blast. Lemme just give you her bio and then we'll, we will go right into our conversation. Elaine Starling, the Abundance Ambassador, guess what we're gonna talk about today, is a sought [00:01:00] after TEDx speaker, international speaker, coach, trainer, and successful entrepreneur.

Elaine's unusual spiritual awakening prompted her to help people who crave spiritual growth to clearly receive divine messages so they achieve the financial abundance they want. Elaine leads fellow travelers on the abundance journey, a six-week experience, sharing proven business strategies with personal development and spiritual insights that generate abundance.

And we'll have all of her contact information at the end and in the show notes. But Elaine, thank you for being here. I'm so happy we get to have another conversation.