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Transcript Interview Episode with Lisa Erickson

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Lisa: [00:00:00] In relationships, girls and women tend to be conditioned more to take responsibility for other people's emotions. So, if we are empathic and that kind of dovetails with that kind of conditioning, You actually are sort of conditioned that, oh, it's, it's my job not only to know how everybody is feeling, but to take care of it.

And that can lead to taking it on. So, there's often, there's the kind of technical, energetic piece and then often there is some conditioning also that is playing into that and contributing to that. So, a lot of my work in women's energetics is boundaries, energetic boundaries, boundaries, boundaries

Laurin: Hello friends, and welcome to Curiously Wise. I'm your host Laurin Wittig, and today I have Lisa Erickson with us to talk to, and I am really excited about this conversation. It hit all the little bells and whistles on my, I wanna know more about that scale.

We'll really be having a good conversation with that. I'm gonna read you her bio first, and then we'll let her say hello [00:01:00] to you and we'll get started. So, Lisa Erickson is an energy worker specializing in women's energetics. Guess what we're gonna talk about today. Sexual trauma healing, chakra manifestation, and Kundalini awakening.

She's the author of Chakra Empowerment for Women and the Art and Science of Meditation, both published by Llewellyn Worldwide. Lisa is certified in mindfulness meditation instruction and trauma sensitivity, and has trained in a variety of energy healing and somatic modalities. She is a member of the Breathe Network, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting holistic healing, and healers for sexual trauma survivors.

For more information on Lisa's work, visit and of course, we'll have that in the show notes too. Welcome, Lisa. I'm so excited.

Listen to full episode here

Lisa: Thank you Laurin, and I am really excited to talk with you about Women's Energetics.

Laurin: Yes, yes. To give a little background to my listeners, I was listening to another podcast that I got invited to be on, and I, I like to [00:02:00] go and listen to how it, it works, you know, how, how that all works and if I'm a good fit and I found an episode with Lisa and I listened to it and I immediately got on WhatsApp with my assistant and said, I need you to track down this person.

I need to talk to her. And so that was just like a week ago, I think. It was very quick.

Lisa: I love it. I know it. It can, and I was just coming outta summer break at this time, so it was perfect timing.

Laurin: Yes. Well, welcome, welcome, welcome. So, let's just, let's just get started. I wanna know what you know about Women's Energetics. You had in the other podcast you had mentioned that as we go through different transitions in our lives, our energetics, the energetic body also changes.

And for some reason I had never thought of that. So, enlightened me.

Lisa: Well, it's interesting cuz I think when people think of an energy body or a subtle body, whether they're working with chakras or whatever their modality is, they tend to think of it more in terms of spirit, right? But it's a, it, it really is the [00:03:00] interface between spirit and, and body might be one way of thinking about it.

The energy body is the interface between the physical body and the psyche and the spirit. And you can kind of energetically work on any of those levels and different modalities work on all those levels. So, from that perspective, our physical body, especially us women, goes through all of these different phases.

We have pre menstruation and post, we have pregnancy, we have postpartum, we have perimenopause, we have menopause, and those all have energetic body changes that occur. And because that energy body is linked to psyche and spirit, these changes reverberate through all these levels. So, getting some knowledge about that is really important.

So that's really what I work, I work with those, what we might consider to be reproductive defined phases of life, but what are the energy body transits that go with that? And then what might be the psychological and spiritual transits [00:04:00] that tie into that?

Laurin: Yeah. Yeah. So where do we start with that? I mean, obviously, you know, looking back on my own life I at 11 was when I had my first period, and things change pretty rapidly after that. So where are we as children with this energetic body versus after we go through that first transition?

Lisa: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, for everyone, that puberty is this time where the second chakra, which is linked to all of those hormones in this whole side of us, really awakens, right? And one of that, one manifestation of that is sexual desire, right? At some point that may not happen right when we begin to menstruate, but it happens within a few years of that, whether we understand that's what it is or not.

And so that second chakra really shifts. And if for someone who is menstruating, for once we begin that cycle, we have this energetic cycle that it ties that corresponds to that hormonal [00:05:00] cycle. That second chakra, which is located in that pelvic space in terms of the physical location, is sort of opening and closing, waxing and waning with that cycle.

And when we get close to ovulation, that energy is actually emanating outward more. And as we approach menstruation, it's actually more inward pulling and there's a whole psychological process that goes along with that. There's a pheromone process that is tied to that. It, there's all these levels to it, both psychological and physical that we may be aware of, but there's also this energetic piece that we can learn to work with.