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Transcript Interview Episode with Lisa Miller

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[00:00:16] Laurin: Welcome to Curiously Wise. I'm your host, Laurin Wittig. And I'm here with a friend of mine. I love to bring my friends on this podcast, Lisa Miller, who is a sound healer. So we're gonna talk a lot about what that is and how she does it, and all kinds of lovely ways you can bring it into your life.

So, first though, I wanna start and have Lisa introduce herself. She has got so many different things that she brings into her being these days. And so I'm gonna let her take the mic here.

[00:01:25] Lisa: Thank you, Laurin. It's such a pleasure to be here this morning. I'm Lisa. And in my current phase of life, I am a Yogi, a yoga teacher and a sound healing practitioner, and I've done many things in my life. I was a television producer for many years. I've always worked sort of in and around sound communicating somehow.

I worked in theater. I was an actress. I worked overseas in Asia for many years, making developmental documentaries and doing humanitarian work. I've worked in radio. I mean, there's a lot of stuff I have done, but basically to sum it up after I got back from Cambodia, I was very depressed.

Listen to the full episode here

I had worked on a documentary about human trafficking for about a year and I, I was just in a very dark place. And. I started practicing yoga. I've practiced yoga since 1993. And while I was in Cambodia, I became a Vipasana meditator and it was wonderful. It was saving my life because I could just go to a temple, a pagoda at any time and sit down