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Transcript Interview Episode with Uma Shankari

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Laurin: [00:00:00] Welcome to the Curiously Wise Podcast. I'm your host Laurin Wittig. This podcast is all about honoring, sharing and celebrating the natural and experiential wisdom of my guests, through curiosity provoking conversations, shared stories and tips we've all gathered along this journey. And from time to time, I'll be sharing my own stories and my own wisdom in solo episodes.

Oh, and we'll be laughing, a lot. I invite you to join in the fun as we uncover the unique wisdom we each carry within us. Ready? Let's get curious.

Hello and welcome to Curiously Wise. I'm so happy to have you here. I am Laurin Wittig. I'm your host. And I have an amazing guest today. Her name is Uma Shankari. I hope I'm pronouncing that correctly. And Uma was [00:01:00] born and raised in India. She left India in 1997 to pursue her higher education in the US.

She has an MS in Electrical Engineering. She chose a career in IT and had worked in the corporate world until 2014. After 16 solid years in the industry, when she thought her life was set in IT, she had a spiritual awakening that would change her future forever in ways that she could not fathom. And that's what we're gonna start with today.

Welcome here to Curiously Wise. I really love meeting you and I can't wait to hear about your story. So if you could just tell us how you came from being an IT person to a channeler and an artist in this awakened life that you have. I would love to hear that journey.

Listen to full episode here

Uma: First of all. Thank you for having me on the show and having me come and share my journey and my experiences. I truly appreciate everybody who is interested in learning about my story. So I was a very normal person, you know, going to IT, didn't really believe in anything. Well, I grew up spiritual because in our Indian household, it's an integral part of everything.

So it's not like this is spiritual, it's just an, it's all an every fabric of life. So in 2012 I had a spiritual awakening and it led to. There was a woman who was an energy healer. She sent an email to this group and I didn't know her from Adam. I didn't care to do a service or anything with her reading with her.

So what I, what happened was there was this nagging, I don't know, from where it came from, either within my own, you know, spirit or soul or from an external guide, I have no idea, but it was just nagging to go into this. Did this session with her. And I was like, okay, this is so unwind. I just don't want to do this.

I don't believe in these kinds of [00:03:00] things. So for me, in the nineties and early two thousands, you would have these information at midnight where all these psychics would come and like rescue your lover and bring them back to you. That's the idea I had for people who did energy healings and those kinds of things.

So I was like, I just didn't want to do it. Then finally I said, you know what, I'm just gonna do it to prove myself that I'm right. Lo and behold, I was wrong. I did this session. And something happened within myself. She didn't check the right healing for me. And one thing led to another. I started connecting with my own higher self and I just opened up just crazy.

And then I said, one day I sat up my home one day in Chicago and I said, God, I understand you for the first time, show me something about, love, a book about love. So I went on Amazon and I don't know exactly what happened. I had this [00:04:00] book and it was called the book of. It's a Paul Selig second book. I'm just having a moment Book of Love and Creation, and it was just the app title.

And, had I not had this session with this woman, I would've never read the book. So it was a channel text for the first time what channeling was, so it was a second book of the series. And I was like, you know, being someone who was so logical, I was like, no, I should read the first book.

So I, I just, I knew I wanted to read this book, but I just wanted to be clear which one I had to read. And I checked and I, I got the answer. Just you asked for this and, you know, just go ahead and read it. One thing led to another, this book was an eye opening and I brought this book back to family with, and I read the whole series with my sisters.

Laurin: Hmm.

Uma: And in 2012 I had the reading 2013. I started reading the books and I was working in the corporate world, really big bank, one of the top banks in the world. [00:05:00] And I was very set in my career, but some things started just zapping my energy. I was like, I can't do this anymore. And I thought maybe I needed a six-month break and I'll come back and I I'll join work.

So I was like, maybe I'll find a new job and that'll fix it. Blah, blah, blah. One thing led to another in, in 2014 in June, something presented itself at work that made it very clear for me. I can't deal with toxicity anymore. I just can't deal with this anymore. And literally in three days I put on a short-term disability.

When I left thinking that I'll come back in six months. Six months was done and I had no intention of going back. So I sent a resignation letter and I said, I'm not coming back. And here's the funny thing, right? I'm not one of those people who saves a lot of money. I made money. I traveled. Traveling was my guilty pleasure.

So I never really, a lot of people would be like, oh my God, I'm investing in this. I'm investing in that. [00:06:00] So people are very secure. I was not one of those people. I literally had 20 grand in my bank account. That's all I had. And I, but I knew I just couldn't do this anymore. So I just quit in September of 2014.

I quit. But that year when I quit my job. When I took the short-term visit and I came home, I thought I would be scared, but I wasn't scared. I woke up the next morning with this, just like this burden just released from my back, just washed away from my back. And I woke up with this huge smile on my face and I was like, okay, this it feels right.

So I did yoga every day. I went for walks every day. I met friends for lunch. I sat outside in Chicago cafes, just had a cup of tea and sat for hours. And you know, like I have never experienced true summer in Chicago. I just like, I was always hooked up at work. And then, one thing led to another in 2016, the author of this book [00:07:00] that I just mentioned had come to Chicago, said,

Not so long ago I’m doing that workshop. And out of that doing the workshop, it became very clear to me that I needed to just look into this writing. So I came home there's the third book is about innate wisdom. I'm, I'm forgetting the name of the books, but anyway, one of the chapters, the third book is about your wisdom. So I, I pulled that chapter.

I read a little bit, I centered myself and reshow my own wisdom. And then I opened my eyes and I started just writing. I said, you know what, whatever random words are gonna come, just kind of write. So just random there was responding. And then all of a sudden I started speed writing.

Laurin: Mm.

Uma: All of a sudden I started speed writing and, in like an hour, I looked at it, there were like seven or eight pages and I read it.

It was material.

Laurin: Mm.

Uma: And what happened is when I [00:08:00] started and I have never written in my life, meaning I I'm good at English, you know, I, I can, I love reading books. I I'm a voracious reader, but writing was not something that came very naturally. And I'm not like this amazing writer either.

Like, even if we're sending emails are presented, like look at it, like office email that look at like 10 times, did I write the right thing? Like, you know, as the sort of person I am

Laurin: mm-hmm

Uma: in 21 days, I wrote 21 chapters every morning I was woken up. I would feel this tingle in one hand. And I would just wake up at somewhere between five and five 15.

I would write until like seven, eight, o'clock read the chapter, put it aside 21 days, 20 chapter. So I was done all my books. I've written six books. All my work is like that. Even my artwork, it comes in flash and it's not like I'm trying to write, and when I write, I don't go back and check whatever written I can't, if I check [00:09:00] then, like I'm not trusting the process that it just throws me up.

I just have to keep writing. And sometimes I don't know what the next word is. I literally, I probably know the next few words, but I don't know the entire sentence. I have to keep writing just sometimes I'll be writing and I'll be like that really. And like, I'll be like, okay, just trust the process. I'll be writing.

And it just will, and there'll be times I I'll get words that I've never heard in my life. And that has happened. Yeah. That has happened to me. And I'd be like, I don't know if this word exists, then I would write it and I go check and there, of course it would be word. And sometimes one of those books, couple of words, there are ancient words that you don't use anymore in English.