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Transcript Interview Episode with Uma Shankari

Laurin: [00:00:00] Welcome to the Curiously Wise Podcast. I'm your host Laurin Wittig. This podcast is all about honoring, sharing and celebrating the natural and experiential wisdom of my guests, through curiosity provoking conversations, shared stories and tips we've all gathered along this journey. And from time to time, I'll be sharing my own stories and my own wisdom in solo episodes.

Oh, and we'll be laughing, a lot. I invite you to join in the fun as we uncover the unique wisdom we each carry within us. Ready? Let's get curious.

Hello and welcome to Curiously Wise. I'm so happy to have you here. I am Laurin Wittig. I'm your host. And I have an amazing guest today. Her name is Uma Shankari. I hope I'm pronouncing that correctly. And Uma was [00:01:00] born and raised in India. She left India in 1997 to pursue her higher education in the US.

She has an MS in Electrical Engineering. She chose a career in IT and had worked in the corporate world until 2014. After 16 solid years in the industry, when she thought her life was set in IT, she had a spiritual awakening that would change her future forever in ways that she could not fathom. And that's what we're gonna start with today.

Welcome here to Curiously Wise. I really love meeting you and I can't wait to hear about your story. So if you could just tell us how you came from being an IT person to a channeler and an artist in this awakened life that you have. I would love to hear that journey.

Uma: First of all. Thank you for having me on the show and having me come and share my journey and my experiences. I truly appreciate everybody who is interested in learning about my story. So I was a very normal person, you know, going to IT, didn't really believe in anything. Well, I grew up spiritual because in our Indian household, it's an integral part of everything.

So it's not like this is spiritual, it's just an, it's all an every fabric of life. So in 2012 I had a spiritual awakening and it led to. There was a woman who was an energy healer. She sent an email to this group and I didn't know her from Adam. I didn't care to do a service or anything with her reading with her.

So what I, what happened was there was this nagging, I don't know, from where it came from, either within my own, you know, spirit or soul or from an external guide, I have no idea, but it was just nagging to go into this. Did this session with her. And I was like, okay, this is so unwind. I just don't want to do this.

I don't believe in these kinds of [00:03:00] things. So for me, in the nineties and early two thousands, you would have these information at midnight where all these psychics would come and like rescue your lover and bring them back to you. That's the idea I had for people who did energy healings and those kinds of things.

So I was like, I just didn't want to do it. Then finally I said, you know what, I'm just gonna do it to prove myself that I'm right. Lo and behold, I was wrong. I did this session. And something happened within myself. She didn't check the right healing for me. And one thing led to another. I started connecting with my own higher self and I just opened up just crazy.

And then I said, one day I sat up my home one day in Chicago and I said, God, I understand you for the first time, show me something about, love, a book about love. So I went on Amazon and I don't know exactly what happened. I had this [00:04:00] book and it was called the book of. It's a Paul Selig second book. I'm just having a moment Book of Love and Creation, and it was just the app title.

And, had I not had this session with this woman, I would've never read the book. So it was a channel text for the first time what channeling was, so it was a second book of the series. And I was like, you know, being someone who was so logical, I was like, no, I should read the first book.

So I, I just, I knew I wanted to read this book, but I just wanted to be clear which one I had to read. And I checked and I, I got the answer. Just you asked for this and, you know, just go ahead and read it. One thing led to another, this book was an eye opening and I brought this book back to family with, and I read the whole series with my sisters.

Laurin: Hmm.

Uma: And in 2012 I had the reading 2013. I started reading the books and I was working in the corporate world, really big bank, one of the top banks in the world. [00:05:00] And I was very set in my career, but some things started just zapping my energy. I was like, I can't do this anymore. And I thought maybe I needed a six-month break and I'll come back and I I'll join work.

So I was like, maybe I'll find a new job and that'll fix it. Blah, blah, blah. One thing led to another in, in 2014 in June, something presented itself at work that made it very clear for me. I can't deal with toxicity anymore. I just can't deal with this anymore. And literally in three days I put on a short-term disability.

When I left thinking that I'll come back in six months. Six months was done and I had no intention of going back. So I sent a resignation letter and I said, I'm not coming back. And here's the funny thing, right? I'm not one of those people who saves a lot of money. I made money. I traveled. Traveling was my guilty pleasure.

So I never really, a lot of people would be like, oh my God, I'm investing in this. I'm investing in that. [00:06:00] So people are very secure. I was not one of those people. I literally had 20 grand in my bank account. That's all I had. And I, but I knew I just couldn't do this anymore. So I just quit in September of 2014.

I quit. But that year when I quit my job. When I took the short-term visit and I came home, I thought I would be scared, but I wasn't scared. I woke up the next morning with this, just like this burden just released from my back, just washed away from my back. And I woke up with this huge smile on my face and I was like, okay, this it feels right.

So I did yoga every day. I went for walks every day. I met friends for lunch. I sat outside in Chicago cafes, just had a cup of tea and sat for hours. And you know, like I have never experienced true summer in Chicago. I just like, I was always hooked up at work. And then, one thing led to another in 2016, the author of this book [00:07:00] that I just mentioned had come to Chicago, said,

Not so long ago I’m doing that workshop. And out of that doing the workshop, it became very clear to me that I needed to just look into this writing. So I came home there's the third book is about innate wisdom. I'm, I'm forgetting the name of the books, but anyway, one of the chapters, the third book is about your wisdom. So I, I pulled that chapter.

I read a little bit, I centered myself and reshow my own wisdom. And then I opened my eyes and I started just writing. I said, you know what, whatever random words are gonna come, just kind of write. So just random there was responding. And then all of a sudden I started speed writing.

Laurin: Mm.

Uma: All of a sudden I started speed writing and, in like an hour, I looked at it, there were like seven or eight pages and I read it.

It was material.

Laurin: Mm.

Uma: And what happened is when I [00:08:00] started and I have never written in my life, meaning I I'm good at English, you know, I, I can, I love reading books. I I'm a voracious reader, but writing was not something that came very naturally. And I'm not like this amazing writer either.

Like, even if we're sending emails are presented, like look at it, like office email that look at like 10 times, did I write the right thing? Like, you know, as the sort of person I am

Laurin: mm-hmm

Uma: in 21 days, I wrote 21 chapters every morning I was woken up. I would feel this tingle in one hand. And I would just wake up at somewhere between five and five 15.

I would write until like seven, eight, o'clock read the chapter, put it aside 21 days, 20 chapter. So I was done all my books. I've written six books. All my work is like that. Even my artwork, it comes in flash and it's not like I'm trying to write, and when I write, I don't go back and check whatever written I can't, if I check [00:09:00] then, like I'm not trusting the process that it just throws me up.

I just have to keep writing. And sometimes I don't know what the next word is. I literally, I probably know the next few words, but I don't know the entire sentence. I have to keep writing just sometimes I'll be writing and I'll be like that really. And like, I'll be like, okay, just trust the process. I'll be writing.

And it just will, and there'll be times I I'll get words that I've never heard in my life. And that has happened. Yeah. That has happened to me. And I'd be like, I don't know if this word exists, then I would write it and I go check and there, of course it would be word. And sometimes one of those books, couple of words, there are ancient words that you don't use anymore in English.

I've gotten them. And I would be okay. I don't know what that means and you know, throughout, so it it's been this really amazing process that for me, it's fascinating because if, if I was someone who always wrote, I would be fascinated with it. You know, [00:10:00] if I was a writer because I don't know what's coming next for me, the content itself is very fast.

Sometimes I'll write and I'll be like, wait that, and I'll, once I'm done, I'll read it. And I'll be like, oh my God.

Laurin: Yeah. Yeah.

Uma: just, you know, because it doesn't feel like I'm writing yet I'm writing,

Laurin: Mm-hmm

Uma: you know, it's not like somebody else's take, like people have asked me, does someone take over you? Like, I'm like, no, I'm fully awake, fully available, fully present, cognizant everything is just happening. However, what has happened to me is I have a very wide open third eye and a seven chakras.

Laurin: mm-hmm.

Uma: When I read Paul Selig’s book, my third eye and seven chakras were just wide open. So even now for me, it's, it never stops. It's always passing with energy. If I speak about it, it'll start passing

Laurin: mm-hmm

Uma: So it's something that has happened to be organically and natural.

Laurin: Yeah.

Uma: [00:11:00] So, you know, so that's how it evolved. And then one thing led to another. Then I started writing books every couple of months, I would just start, sit and start writing. And so that is how it has evolved. And, and, and when I, I, I've only published one book for many reasons. And, and I have, you know, I also wanna be very, even though it is channeled the more I'm getting.

Tune to channeling. I don't want any interference. And I want to make sure that the material that I'm presenting is really from the highest code, because I am responsible for that. I can't just put out some material and it's like, and there be a discrepancy because there have been discrepancies, even in my own writing and I have to step back and, you know, kind of like, just look at it. So because of that, I'm, I'm a very, I wouldn't say cautious, I'm more really wanting to the, the material to align with the highest.

Laurin: mm-hmm

Uma: And [00:12:00] that is something I've taken upon myself. And because of that, I delay things a little bit and it's not just rush out and say, oh my God, geez. You know, this has to go out.

And like, I don't have that sense of urgency. Only one the one that I'm going to give free for the public, that one. That document. I wrote it in literally like a couple of hours and, and I, when I read it, because the, the material it's, so like the, there it's so poetic and I'm not a poet, you know, I can't rhyme anything when I'm talking at all.

Like, I'm such a different person when I'm writing, compared to what I'm just talking. And I'm just talking, if you ask me to just say something, or like kinda something rhymes at and like that, I can’t do it. So , it's sort of like, I'm the same person, but I'm not, but something happens when I'm writing or drawing.

That just takes me out of the physicality and just takes me somewhere. That is I'm here, but I'm not here. You know, [00:13:00] some, somewhere I'm, I'm getting out my body or tapping into something that is from the infinite.

Laurin: right. I, I do the, a similar kind of thing pretty regularly after I meditate. I like to talk to my guides and I do it either longhand or sometimes on the computer. And I just pose a question and then whatever comes through, I write down and I just keep asking questions if they come up and, and then just letting it flow.

And I'm always surprised when I go back and read it afterwards. It's not my voice. It's not the syntax I would use. It's not the word choices. It's often more formal than I speak. And I know because of that change because of that difference, that it's real. That it's true. But I'm, I, when I first started doing it and I was like, this is crazy weird, but the voice was so clearly not me.

And yet I was like you said, I didn't know what was coming next, but I would get two or three words and I would just write 'em down and I would just go with the flow. And then I got [00:14:00] some amazing confirmations and guidance and wisdom from all of that process. So I haven't done it in a full book form.

I have written books, I'm a published novelist, but I use it as a tool for myself quite often and also for my clients. And it's really fascinating to channel. It's just like, but I also understand your hesitance to bring things out without that urgency to it, sometimes you receive things and it's like, you're receiving them now because it's a good time for you to receive them.

But it's not yet time. The time is I like to use the word ripe, R I P E the time isn't ripe for it to go out into the world yet.

Uma: Yeah.

Laurin: And so I totally understand that, that idea of receiving it, but not having any urgency to bring it out yet.

Uma: Yeah.

Laurin: so that's very cool.

Uma: Even with my, with my artwork, I, I have delayed it significantly because my artwork is it's even more significant at my writing. And if I was fascinated with my writing, the art takes it [00:15:00] to like an Nth degree

Laurin: Oh, okay. So let's, let's talk about your art. I've seen a little bit of it in, on some videos. And it's beautiful. It's amazing. And I, I can tell just by looking at it that there's way more there than meets the eye is I don't know if that's the right way to say it. So tell us about the process and, and what I, cuz it's a lot of symbology and, and just, I, I don't know.

It's just beautiful, but tell us about that, and maybe why you're receiving it.

Uma: You know the question of the why is not something I'm really prod into, like after being on this journey, when you are check browser open, you're tapping into the infinite, when you're tapping into the infinite, you know, anything is possible. What, when I started this journey, I used to ask a lot of, oh my God, why, what now?

I'm just like, okay, it's coming, you know but don't get me wrong. I'm not like, oh, I'm getting it. It's kind of shocking for me in a, in a very pleasant way. In September of 2019,[00:16:00] I, I was launching my the first public first published book, The Lion’s Wisdom.

And what happened is I'm also into very healthy eating. And I had a friend of mine who was a big meat and Potato eater, never believed in anything vegetarianism or anything. For me, I'm a vegetarian by choice. And, and also I grew up in an Indian household where thisS vegetarian was not unheard of. So it comes to my home and he's like very hesitant to eat and he eats and his eyes go like, like, you know, wide open.

And I, and so I was publishing my book and like, you know, I was going to order food from outside because I ran a food business for three years. And he's like, you should cook for your book launch. And I'm like, you gotta be crazy. There are 50 60 people coming, but I, I can cook for pretty 200 people, but like, it, it, he talked to me on a Friday and my book launch was Tuesday.

And I'm like, I only have Saturday and Sunday in between. Are [00:17:00] you kidding me? Like, he's like, no, you should do it. So literally in two days I cook for 50, 60 people.

Laurin: Wow.

Uma: And all vegan food, just a huge spread of, and I, I worked by myself in my kitchen. I just had one person helping. So when I went to my book launch, people just couldn't stop talking about the food.

And I, so like, I'm, I'm like, oh great, thank God I, I need it. You know, but what happened afterwards was so fascinating. There was this lady who came to me and said, can you cook for me? And I was like, you know, I looked at her and I'm like, okay. She was like, can you make me meals? You know, I was thinking about it, but I was like, okay, I'll do it for you.

So what happened was when I was cooking for her, I was not really cooking. I would go into the zone of just like creating, I would get into just, just like, I would just be making this, I would get an idea and I would just start there and, you know, like I just kept going and, like when you're [00:18:00] doing something passionate and you're not doing it for the money, but you're just doing it because you're just so doing it.

I was in that zone for like probably a month, just literally for a whole month. I did it, like, just buy this, like I was just playing with it. And what happened was just being in that, you know, it's such a, it's very hard to explain, but it was such a meditative state for me, it just doing it brought me so much joy and just backing it and sending it to her.

And she would just give, come and give me this fabulous feedbacks about like, oh my God, your food is so amazing. So it was like, but it was not the cooking. It was just the love, the healing, like, you know, the, what you wanted to give for humanity. Everything was like one. Right after that, what happened was this openness happened for, so on November, Ninth.

I just had a, like, I was just sitting and I heard like, I'm gonna write yet [00:19:00] another book. And I was like, okay. It had been a while since I've written that all already been like two years since I've written, it's like, okay, we'll see what happens. So I didn't realize on the, it was 11-11. I didn't realize that was the day that it was being channeled.

I, it didn't occur to me like, you know, so I, I woke up and I started writing, but I, the first or second chapter, when I wrote, I heard that I was going to channel codes and they explained to me what a code is and I got five terminologies or words that I knew were real and existed, but I didn't know what they were and you're gonna laugh. It was, metaverse not the metaverse from Facebook

Laurin: mm-hmm

Uma: metas, meta being, it was just like several meta meta metaverse. And, but I heard that I was gonna download codes.

I was like, it scared me because I was barely getting, even though I loved writing, it [00:20:00] was free flowing, you know, no matter how much I'm gonna say it's channeled. It never really feels real, too. It almost feels like I'm making it up, you know? So so what happened is I started I was very like intimidated and I was like, okay, at least I have until the end of the book.

So I'm gonna finish the book. Then I can think about it.

Laurin: Mm-hmm.

Uma: On December 21st or 22nd, I finished the book I take a notebook with trepidation. I sit and I'm like, I don't know what I'm gonna do. I'm just so scared. You know, I, I've never done downloaded in codes. So what happened is the word was metadata.

That's what I was going to receive. And I'm like, I don't know what a metadata is. I was like, I just was stunned that I'm sitting there scared trepidation with like so much of anxiety. And I was like, I work in the IT field. So the word metadata, there is an IT phrase metadata. And you [00:21:00] know, so I said, you know what I know from an IT perspective, what meta that's all I said.

And then I put my hand and I started drawing all these symbols. One of my friends they're all like wanted physicists and I showed it to them and they did some research came back and they said this light language. So I went in type light language. I took that and I compared it with mine. It was exactly the same,

Laurin: Wow.

Uma: like almost identical.

Laurin: Uhhuh.

Uma: I just kept doing and it kept evolving.

I don't think I was being told to write the light language. I think I was being shown so that I can get some confidence within myself that I'm on the right path. So from 22nd, until like December 29th, I just kept just random. Like, it was just like nonstop. I would just keep on writing. And one day on. I knew that I had to go and get like a drawing notebook and some markers, I [00:22:00] came home within like an hour.

I drew like four diagrams, all very musical in nature in an hour.

Laurin: Mm-hmm

Uma: The thing about my work is I, I do things very fast. I don't think it's just like, it is just like I take, I'm done, you know, something like that on June 2nd, I knew I had to draw it on black paper. Don't ask me how I know it.

It's, you know, people say it's annoying it's almost like, if you wanna have a glass of water, you don't say, I know I need to get, it's just like you get up. And you know, for me, my entire art artwork was like that. I just got up. I knew what paper I needed, I knew what kind of pens I needed.

And I started drawing.

That period when I was drawing, was this, when I started drawing, was this amazing time of my life because I got up every day. Oh my God, I dunno what I'm gonna get today. [00:23:00] But what's this for me today. You know, I was so excited about it. I wish I had the same excitement right now. It's gone, you know,

Laurin: Oh, no,

Uma: And, you know, then it kept evolving and evolving. And I, I, I just, you know, there's one art you can see in the back. That's one of the artwork, so it just kept evolving. And then I go to the store and I'm not a trained artist. I have never drawn in my life. I don't know how to use paint brushes.

Laurin: mm-hmm

Uma: I, I don't know how to use paints. Like I don't know what, I didn't know. There was something called and there's something called oil color. I have no idea. I, so then as the word kept evolving, I would just go to those stores and say, I want this kind of weight. So yeah, we have it. And then I would say, I need this kind of pen. And I would say, do you have this kind of glitter?

And then just get to warm. So basically my artwork [00:24:00] is not about codes. It's not obstacles. Most people that are drawn to my artwork are like, oh my God's so beautiful.

Laurin: Mm-hmm

Uma: And I it's so funny. Like, you know, I tell people afraid, I only love it. Can you get past the beauty of it and see through it? And people get very agitated about it. They're like, why would you say that? You know, it's so beautiful, but I'm trying to convey something.

Laurin: Mm-hmm

Uma: And what it is is it's a portal to the customers.

Laurin: oh, wow.

Uma: So people have to come out of that, you know, they get hooked. But what happens is I, I tell people this a lot and even the most evolved spiritual people have a hard time with it.

Meaning when you are looking at the artwork, get out of the way, meaning just, just people will say, oh my God, that's my spiritual color. Or that's because that's a limitation. Oh my God, that's simple. That's so mean. Or, oh my [00:25:00] God. That's, you know, I, I would say actually, it's none of it.

Laurin: Mm-hmm

Uma: Can you set aside all of that and just be with the image and let the vibrations in the image get through to you? It's the most difficult thing

Laurin: Yeah.

Uma: Because you have to really be at the receiving, just not do anything and still receive it. And

Laurin: feels almost like you would meditate with it.

Uma: Yeah. That’s it. You, you just have to sit with it.

Laurin: Yeah. There, there used to be, when my kids were little, there were these 3D books that got printed, where if you looked at it, it didn't make any sense. But if you relaxed your eyes and just allowed the focus to change on its own, you would suddenly see this whole world come alive.

And that's what it, it reminded me of that when you were talking about it and, and I've got goosebumps switch people who know me means that I've, I've hit a truth. so yeah, that's fascinating. They are beautiful. I I've only seen a few on your [00:26:00] website. I haven't looked at 'em very closely, but they're, they're dramatically beautiful.

Uma: Would you like to see one of them?

Laurin: I would love to, yes, please.

Uma: This is my latest work.

Laurin: Oh goodness. Oh, wow. That's beautiful. So for those who are only hearing this. You'll have to go to the video when it's published to see it. Cuz it's just beautiful. It reminds me of a Nautilus shell or the circle of time or there's just so many and I'm immediately drawn to the middle of the spiral.

Just like that's where I want to go. Oh, that's beautiful.

Uma: So almost all my work is Nautilus shell. About 90% of my work is Nautilus shell.

Laurin: Hmm

Uma: So what happened is this is part of the evolution within me is I've never been huge on religion. And for me, it's been a comeback to Hinduism because the Nautilus shell, before I started drawing, I was not so much into Hinduism, even though the chakra system and [00:27:00] everything originated in Hinduism.

Laurin: mm-hmm

Uma: What happened was when I came back to India. Every single temple has a Nautilus shell, every single day to you have a scene has a, nautilus shell. So what it is is it's a morphogenic consciousness field that is within the nautilus shell. So it also has the, it has a frequency of 7.83 quarts, which is the same as the frequency of the sound home and the same as a frequency with which the, the earth is spinning the, the sound that the earth makes.

So I had this huge awakening into my own artwork out of coming back to India. And I came back to India in 2020 last year I moved back to India.

Laurin: Mm-hmm

Uma: So every work of mine is a nautilus shell, and there is a particular frequency in that. And I haven't done any research on that. The only thing I did was gave it to a very renowned remote viewer to just take a look at it. What she told me was she was able to hear harmonics sound [00:28:00] harmonics.

Laurin: yeah.

Uma: And my younger sister who passed away a couple of months ago, she was able to hear sound harmonics and a few people have come back and said, they've some heard sound harmonics. So the, the artwork is about the sound harmonics that carries and the cosmic energy that it has.

And, you know, it's, it's, we have to really break the limitation and just be open to something beyond what we have experienced because spirituality can become a limitation and, and to really break that limitation of spirituality and just be open to just learning a little bit more. And what I did was within two months of drawing, I had, I, so as I was drawing.

I knew how to use it for spiritual healing. I wasn't told these are the number of steps I should do. I just knew how to do it. And I followed the same process that, that I knew with a bunch of my friends, I invited them home and I showed them the artwork. And I, I, I did a session in Chicago.[00:29:00]

People were like able to feel things in their body. They could, some people were not spiritual. They said one person came and said, I feel something here. I was like, you know,

Laurin: Yeah, that's a good thing.

Uma: Is it normal? I'm like, yeah, anything is, you know, it is normal actually, but you know,

Laurin: yeah.

Uma: So, so I, I haven't really done a full fledge spiritual healing for people because me, myself, I'm, it's sort of like, you know, you are giving, you are given a new technology to use

Laurin: mm-hmm

Uma: and nobody else has used it. So you had to be really careful and make sure everything is you know, you understand things before you just go and test on people, you know? So I'm, so I'm sort of in that, in the place of like, you know just sort of like really coming to a good understanding of my work before just saying people, this will just heal you.

That'll be a very arrogant thing for me to say, but I know people have had, you know, certain [00:30:00] things happen within their body and certain information come out and all kinds of things. And it's been fascinating for me sitting on the other. I'm like, oh, you feel that? Oh really? Oh. Like for me, it's like, because I'm like the, the, the child, the, the student that's learning from my own artwork.

So, you know, that's, that's the thing. So I have, I also

Laurin: I just wanna share with you just looking at that picture for just what 30 seconds or so I can feel a heart opening happening. I mean, it's, it's very powerful I can feel it spinning and I can feel it growing, which is kind of amazing, cuz you know, you're in India and I'm here in Virginia and just looking at it for a few moments. Has already has already, I, I mean, it's kind of making me teary cuz it just feels so lovely. Yeah. It's it's I I'm gonna have to get some.

Uma: So, so here's the other fascinating thing. Right? When I first started drawing, I would literally finish an artwork in like 30 minutes, [00:31:00] 30 to 45 minutes. I would be done.

Laurin: mm-hmm

Uma: And, you know, even today I can't explain what that is. And I usually I would sit and I wouldn't be like, oh, this is what I, you know, a normal artist. They have a frame of reference. I don't have any.

Laurin: yeah.

Uma: So they come with an understanding what they wanna draw. For me that doesn't exist, for me, I'm coming and I'll be like, okay, I, I don't know what I'm gonna get today, you know? And I just have to go over the flow. And what's fascinating is when I used to draw.

I would be thinking that the line is going this way and something would happen and the line would go this way. Either I, something I would hit the table or something would happen.

Laurin: Oh,

Uma: And that was how it was supposed to go. And I would be like using a paint and it would spill. And I wouldn't be like, oh my God, what happened?

I would be like, oh, that's what's supposed to happen. So one of the things I learned from my artwork was when you are very present [00:32:00] and a mistake happens, that is not a mistake. It's something that is meant to happen within the artwork or your personal life. When you are really making mistakes constantly as a pattern, that's not a mistake.

It's a pattern that we have created for ourselves. And this mistake is something that's in every artwork. A lot of my artwork, they're not precise at all. So I, I don't use a lot of tools. So this particular artwork mostly is by hand.

Laurin: mm-hmm

Uma: There are some lines I drew, but even those lines, I didn't use them. And I don't use any tools to draw them. The, the Nautilus shells is hand drawn.

Laurin: Okay. Wow.

Uma: They're not, they look very precise, but are, they're not actually precise, but it, it gives you an illusion of this, this you know, this precision that doesn't exist. So I wanna use this artwork as an [00:33:00] example, because you understand what I'm talking about. So this is one of the earlier artworks I drew,

Laurin: Yeah, I think I saw that one. Yeah.

Uma: You see how precise it is? But its not precise at all. So I didn't measure anything at all. The lines are not equally space at all, but it gives you an illusion of precision.

Laurin: Yeah. Yeah. I see the music in it too.

Uma: It’s very musical in nature. Yes. and also only the lines were drawn with a scale. But if you look at this side, they're very evenly spaced and precise, but I it's all hand drawn freehand. So this is one of my earlier drawings when I just began to draw. So this is the one I showed you when I drew this particular one.

Even today, this is my absolute, I've drawn a lot of amazing things since then, but this [00:34:00] particular artwork I drew and I invented to a funk. Because I fell in love with it.

Laurin: Mm-hmm

Uma: And I was so sad because I was like, I can't reproduce this and I don't think I can draw anything like this ever again. And, and I'll be honest with you till to this day. I don't think I, I can't reproduce any of my artwork.

Laurin: Huh?

Uma: Give it to me a mistake. Can you reproduce that? I can't do it.

Laurin: That's cuz you're doing it channeled

Uma: yeah, so for example, a good example for me is once in a blue moon, I will get an artwork that flashes in front of my eyes. It just flash, but I don't have the time to understand what the whole thing was, but I won't sit and try to recollect it.

If I try to recollect it, I'm trying to replicate something that exists. The whole point of this is like, I need to use my own free spirit to, to draw it. So if I, otherwise I'm copying something that exists in the cosmos. [00:35:00] So I had to really use my free spirit and freedom while really downloading the art at the same time.

So it's kind of this very interesting phenomenon that can’t be explained by words, or even by myself at all.

Laurin: I love how open you are to just really let whatever wants to flow through you flows through you. I know that I, at times I resist that and I don't do it on purpose it's fear or ego, or, but, you know, I've worked a lot to, to release that, but you are so wide open to accept and receive, and it's just beautiful. And you can see that it's, I mean, you are, you are a pure channel, I would say.

Uma: Thank you. Thank you. I Laurin, I think I, I my acceptance is not because I'm unique. I think because I'm doing something, you, you are a novelist, right. You're a novelist and then you're writing it. Right. So there is certain, there is the, the, the similarity background exists.

And I want to explain this to people as well, because I don't want people to think like, I'm this extra special [00:36:00] at all? I think mainly because I was not an artist. And then I started drawing. I really don't have any expectations. And I think that is why it makes me a good candidate for this, you know, had I been an artist and I, I allow it, I would have all kinds of like, you know, because I, there are areas in my life.

I don't allow a lot of things, even in my spiritual world so this is one of the reasons why I'm able tell it truly,

Laurin: yep.

Uma: I don't have any frame of preference and people have looked at my art and someone came and said, me, you know, this is Kind of like Mexican, what's that, there are names for certain art, the certain kind of words, they'll say, oh, this is that.

And I'm like, oh, so whatever I'm doing already exists in the universe and in the world. And I'm just like, just one day I wake up and I start like, drawing. I, I heard like in the past that there was this guy who never knew how to play a piano one day he just woke up and he started playing.

I'm one of those people.

Laurin: yes.

Uma: you know what I [00:37:00] mean? So it's like, I'm fascinated by my own art because I'm, I didn't know how to do it. If we started singing all of us that, and nobody had to teach him. So then, you don't have a choice, but to trust it right.

Laurin: Right. Right. And that was my experience with my healing work is that it was just suddenly I realized I could sense chakras. That's where it started, in myself and then in other people. And then I learned to kind of work with them, but totally intuitively were guided, you know? So that's that's for me, that's where I get that total joy, because I call myself, I work like kind of like a jazz musician.

I've taken some classes now, but it's like, I use this and then, oh, I, oh, I, I, this is what I need right here. And then I'll pull this in and, you know, and it's like, and then I do something completely that I've never done before and, you know, before. So I think that's where I'm in that, that flow state that you're talking about.

And it's, and it brings me so much joy when I get to do that kind of work for people. So yeah,

Uma: yeah.

Laurin: I get it. [00:38:00] I get it. All right. This has been. Really really interesting. I wanna move on to the rapid-fire questions real quick.

Uma: Okay,

Laurin: And and then we'll get you

Uma: Would you like to see some more artwork or you good?

Laurin: You know what, show us another one. Oh, wow. That one's pretty cool too. Oh, see, I could just stare at these, just sink into it. That's beautiful. Yeah. I like the black background because it feels like you could just sink into it, you could just pass into.

Uma: So

Laurin: Oh, wow. that's an excellent one. It, that one looks 3D to me as you move it around, it looks very 3D. It's very interesting.

Uma: it is a, it is a multidimensional image.

Laurin: is it okay,

Uma: So you can hang these images any whichever way you want. So they don't have a direction, they have layers of layers. And so it has a lot of layer into it. Sure.

Laurin: Oh, that's really interesting. I'm I am just mesmerized by these things. These are

Uma: So one of the things I was gonna say was I had [00:39:00] drawn over 200 pictures within a matter of 10 months.

Laurin: Wow. Yeah.

Uma: Most of my work Mo most of my work was done in 29, 2020, because I came to India to take care of my dad. So I haven't had time to really sit and draw

Laurin: Mm-hmm oh, I love the stars in that one. That one also looks very 3D it's. Wow.

Uma: they're all very thorough.

Laurin: Yeah. Yeah. Just beautiful. So again, for those who are just listening, this will be out on video eventually. Ugh. And they are beautiful. And, and she's gonna tell us where you can go and see more of them too. Yeah, they move. It's really interesting. I mean, I know that you're not holding it perfectly

Uma: I call them, they do move. Actually I call them kinetic, because they have a movement. To be honest with you, I think there's a lot more to my images than what I have explored. And I also wanna be careful who I give these images to. I can’t just give it to everybody.

Laurin: cuz they're, they're very powerful.[00:40:00]

Uma: yeah, so I usually

Laurin: I’m so happy to see these well, thank you for sharing those with us, cuz they're really beautiful and, and we will get her to let us know where her website is and stuff in a few minutes. And that'll all be in the show notes too. Of course. Including your book. So rapid fire, these are just real quick.

I ask all my guests the same questions. I don't know what I'm gonna do with them yet.

Uma: Okay.

Laurin: but I they're just kind of fun. So the first question is who is, or was the wisest person in your life?

Uma: My sister,

Laurin: The one that passed?

Uma: my younger sister. Yeah.

Laurin: All right. Can you tell us why she was so wise?

Uma: You know, we have four children, my older brother, sister, and me, and then her. but wisdom wise, she was the first, it was kind of diverse. My family completely reversed wisdom wise. So something happened in my life with one of the family members. And it was a big one, but she never told me [00:41:00] she didn't tell me because she knew that was not the appropriate time to tell.

She knew I wouldn’t listen. She waited nearly. Six seven years before she told me what happened.

And I asked her why she didn't tell me. She said, you wouldn't have listened to me, even if I told you so, you know, so that, and also she was the reason I got married. I'm 49 and I, she, before she passed away, she made sure I got married and later she was gone. So yeah, she means a lot to me.

Laurin: she's still watching over you. I can feel her. Yeah. Lovely. All right. What's your favorite self-care practice?

Uma: Yoga in the morning.

Laurin: Okay. That's a lot. I, I hear that one a lot. It's I I'm, I love yoga. I'm not good at doing it on my own. So one of the things I wanna improve. What lights you up when you're feeling down?

Uma: My husband,

Laurin: Hmm.

Uma: he really has, you know, if there is something to look forward [00:42:00] to being single all these years, I just left my life. But him coming into my life has made it very different and look forward to because there's someone that that's just waiting for you. And it's him always that when I I'm down, he's the one who's right next to me and saying it's gonna be okay. So yeah.

Laurin: Good! Your husband. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. And do you have a favorite mantra or affirmation?

Uma: Yes. The Gayatri mantra. Have you heard of it?

Laurin: I don't think so.

Uma: The Gayatri mantra is a sourceful mantra in the ancient Indian tradition. The, the Gayatri mantra is about the quasar, which is which is trillion times more powerful than the sun. And it is, it is the one that gives prana to earth, which is life force to earth.

And in every Indian home Gayatri mantra is the ancient mantra that's uttered. And when you utter the Gayatri mantra, it's not about the meaning of the [00:43:00] mantra. It is actually the syllables and the sound. It actually impacts the DNA and it proves a scalar energy

Laurin: Could you say that one for us?

Uma: Gayatri mantra.

Laurin: Gayatri mantra. Okay. All right. Thank you. All right. Tell us where we can find you online.

Uma: Okay, you can find me at My website is not yet completely a business oriented. So if you see something you like it email me, I'll give 10% off. Until until this the month when you build the episode goes live, just let me know the whole month. I'll get a, give a 10 off for those who order an image from the website.

I also have more artwork if anybody wants to you know, select from a different pile which was the other question. You can also reach out to me on Facebook I think I've given the information to you, Laurin. There is also, I'm also on Instagram, [00:44:00] so there's very many ways to get hold of me. The email is best. Shoot me an email. I always check my email.

Laurin: Good. Good to know. All right. this has been fascinating. And the images, I, again, if you're listening to this and not seeing it, we will be bringing this out on video eventually. I don't know when exactly we'll add that to the show notes eventually. But it's an, it's an evolving process here.

But there're amazing. And I know that you do have a few of them up on your website cause I saw some of them there. And I think you also have videos on YouTube. I was looking at.

Uma: yes. My husband he puts uh, videos on YouTube. There are some of them on YouTube as well.

Laurin: So that's, it's fascinating. So you can find her on, on YouTube as well. Again, we'll put that in the show notes.

All right. It's been, this has been lovely. Thank you so much for joining me here today and to the listeners. Thank you for joining us in this amazing conversation. And I hope that you'll return next Tuesday for the next episode of Curiously Wise.

[00:45:00] Thank you so much for joining us today on Curiously Wise. If you enjoyed this episode, please be sure to subscribe so you don't miss future fabulous conversations. And if you had any ahas, please share them in a review on apple podcasts so we can continue to pay forward the unique wisdom we all have. If you want to know more about me or my intuitive energy healing practice Heartlight wellness.

Please head over to my website. Curiously Wise is a team effort. I am grateful for the skill and enthusiasm, Arlene Membrot, our producer and Sam Wittig, our audio engineer bring to this collaboration. Our music is Where the Light Is by Lemon Music Studio.

I'm Laurin Wittig. Please join me again next week. For another episode of Curiously Wise, from my heart to yours, may your life be filled with love, light, joy, and of course, curiosity. [00:46:00]

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