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Transcript Solo Episode of Laurin Wittig

Laurin: [00:00:00] Hello friends and welcome to Curiously Wise. I'm Laurin Wittig, your host, and this is the final episode of Curiously Wise in 2022. We started up in April of 2022 and it has been an amazingly awesome, fun challenging, hugely entertaining for me. I hope for you year on Curiously Wise, I have met so many amazing people and had so many fantastic conversations, and I hope you've had an opportunity to listen to at least some of them, if not all of them.

And I'm looking really forward to having so many more of these in 2023. We already have over 20 episodes recorded to come out in 2023. So, we are here for a while more we're heading into 2023 strong. So, this [00:01:00] is gonna be the last episode cuz we're gonna take Christmas week off.

And I'll tell you what I have in store for you. At the end of this episode, we have a couple of great things coming up really fast in 2023. But first I was just tuning in to my guides before I got on here today and just asking what would be a good thing to focus on for this episode.

And what I got was this amazingly light, expansive feeling in the word hope. I know we've been through a lot of hard years at this point. It seems like just when everything seems to be getting better, there's something else that happens or covid comes back for another round or the weather gets weird or who knows.

But what I think we don't see enough of is the good in the world. And I think, I know for myself that I have to go looking for it. I have to go looking for [00:02:00] those stories. And I get them in podcasts. I get them on YouTube if I'm careful and discern what I wanna watch.

And don't get hooked into news cuz I, I do get hooked into news even when I try not to.

But if you go looking for uplifting things, for hopeful things, for joyful things, for funny things, things that make you laugh or tear up in joy or just feel good about the world. These things are all out there and they are out there in, I believe in greater quantity than the things that we hear so much about and we feel so heavy with.

So, this is a message that came through earlier when I was a guest on a podcast, and the message was that there's, there's reason for hope. There's a lot of reason for hope. There's a lot of good going on in the world that we just don't have [00:03:00] presented to us in the same quantity and with the same urgency as a lot of the stuff that's, that fills up the news waves these days.

And so, I want you to just maybe close your eyes if you're not driving and put your hand on your heart, the heart's center, so you know your heart's chakra right in the middle of your chest. And take a deep breath. And just let yourself settle for a minute and be supported by whatever you might be standing on or sitting on or lying on.

Just let it really support you, relax into it, and let's set an intention for 2023 that these hopeful things, these joyful things, these happy things, these funny things. These beautiful things that are happening in the world, that are being brought into the world purposefully by a lot of people, that they [00:04:00] begin to show up more in our lives.

That we begin to attract these things to us, to help us to balance out some of the harder things that are going on around us, maybe in our personal lives, maybe in our country lives, maybe in our world lives. Let's just intention that more of this high vibration, light emotional things. Whether they're videos or podcasts or books or movies or music or people that we attract more and more and more of this into our lives in 2023.

So just take a moment and, and let yourself feel how much lighter that will make you feel in in the next coming year. Think about how much happier you can feel if you have more of those kinds of people, events, things in your [00:05:00] life, these high vibration, light emotions I, I would say, not that they're not important, but light, lightweight, that they lift us up, they open us up, they make us more, they make us more joyful, more relaxed, less stressed.

They help us laugh more. They help us smile more. They help us be kind to ourselves and others more. They help us be compassionate to ourselves and others more, and they begin to shift the world in a direction towards more of this high vibration, light and expansive emotion. And that this is, what we bring more and more and more into the world in this coming year.

Take a deep breath, let it out slowly, and just allow yourself to look [00:06:00] forward to experiencing these things as they appear in your life in whatever shape or form they take. So hopefully that brings you to a calm place, a quiet place, a reflective place at the end of 2022.

And I just wanna tell you a little bit about what we have coming right up in the first week of 2023 on January 1st, I've invited Nikki Jones back. She's, she was my very first guest on Curiously Wise, way back in April of 2022.

And she's a friend of mine and a mentee of mine. And she's just really, I've been enjoying watching her blossom into her purpose in the world in the last couple of years. But she's coming back because she and I were talking about, you know, something to do that was experiential that, you know, we could share with my audience.

And she loves to do [00:07:00] rituals and I, it's the kind of thing I would call a ceremony, but my dad would call it a ritual too. Things that you just do to sort of establish some energy around something, maybe to celebrate something, maybe to mark a particular event or anniversary or whatever it is. And she suggested that perhaps she could do an abundance ritual for us, on the first day of 2023.

And so, we've already recorded that. We recorded it on 1111, and she'll talk a little bit about, in the episode about why that was an important date for us to do this. But it's, it's very powerful. I was absolutely giddy after she completed the ritual, and you'll, you'll hear that in the episode. She and I both just got so vibrationally high and, and we felt so good.

It was just exactly what I was just [00:08:00] talking about. Intentioning for 2023 is those, those light, airy, expansive emotions. We were so giddy. We had to actually stop doing it and, and ground ourselves. And we will take you through that as we do it because it was just, I, I, it was just such a, a joyful experience and she walked us right through it.

We talked a little bit about, you know, why you would do ritual, what ritual is and it it's a lovely way to start off the year. This is particular ritual is to bring abundance and we do talk about what, what that means. Abundance, cuz people mostly including myself, go straight to money.

But abundance is a lot of things. So, we do talk about that at the beginning so that you'll have a, a better idea both of how to set the intention for the ritual. What the ritual, what is she bringing together to create the ritual? She'll take us through the ritual, and then she and I talk about it, about it a bit in our giddiness afterwards.[00:09:00]

Then just a couple of days later on January 3rd, I have Corby Mitleid coming back for her second appearance. And we're gonna talk about a book that she wrote called Clear Out Your Life Closet, which again, is something she and I were talking about doing something else together. And she just mentioned that she had this book and it's, it's a perfect start your year off book.

It's not a clean out your house, it's not a set, you know, New Year's resolutions. It's, it's a process to go through to kind of let go of the stuff that, that we just habitually carry with us. Emotional, experiential beliefs, all those kinds of things.

How to clear that out in the new year so that you can really walk into 2023 with the lightness of our abundance ritual and some real tools to help you clear literally clear out your energy of things that don't [00:10:00] serve you anymore. And so, I think it's a wonderful way. I'm really excited to bring these two episodes out just a couple of days apart as a way to honor and set intentions for this amazing year that's coming ahead of us.

I have no idea what it's gonna hold, but my intention is it's going to be freaking amazing and we get to start off with these. So, I hope that you will come back on the 1st of January. To enjoy the abundance ritual that Nikki is gonna do with and for us.

And then on the third, tune in to hear Corby, who is so much fun to talk to. If you haven't seen her previous episode, I suggest you go and listen to it because it, she's just wise and funny and no-nonsense. She's just such a no-nonsense psychic kid it’s great. So, I hope you'll go and maybe listen to that if you haven't already, but we're gonna get started in 2023 with a bang and we have [00:11:00] so many great guests coming up in 2023 already.

And and I can't wait to introduce you to these new friends of mine. And, I hope you enjoy our conversations. I just, I always get off these calls with my guests, and the first thing I say is that was so much fun. So, I hope that you can sense that in our conversations and in the interviews.

And I'm gonna be trying to bring out a few new things too this year. So, stay tuned and I'll let you know when those things are going to appear. Have a wonderful end of 2022. Whatever holidays you celebrate, I hope they are joyful and merry and bright, and I hope that your new year starts off abundantly. In the meantime, stay curious.

Thank you so much for joining us today on Curiously Wise. If you enjoyed this episode, please be sure to subscribe so you don't [00:12:00] miss future fabulous conversations. And if you had any ahas, please share them in a review on Apple Podcasts so we can continue to pay forward the unique wisdom we all have.

If you want to know more about me or my intuitive energy healing practice Heartlight Wellness, please head over to my website.

Curiously Wise is a team effort. I am grateful for the skill and enthusiasm. Arlene Membrot, our producer, and Sam Wittig, our audio engineer bring to this collaboration. Our music is Where the Light Is by Lemon Music Studio.

I'm Laurin Wittig. Please join me again next week for another episode of Curiously Wise. From my heart to yours, may your life be filled with love, light, joy, and of course, curiosity.

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